Thursday, June 2, 2011

Low Expectations

In a city like New York, with too many self-consumed men, it may seem at times that chivalry is dead.  But then a handsome gentleman does the simplest thing, like pouring water into your almost empty glass, emailing you an article he knows you'd be interested in, or simply calling you when he said he would and you think that man is a god.  Because any other regular Joe won't even open a door for you.  Boy, are our expectations low.  After describing his good behavior to your bff she might even conclude this polite dude has been raised right and clearly stays close to his mom or he must have sisters.  Good manners have become so rare when dating in New York City that many women are impressed or even shocked when they are on the receiving end of these gestures.  How have our expectations gotten so very low?

Men, please step it up, so we can raise our expectations.  Because this girl refuses to settle for anything less. xo


  1. It's not just NYC. It's a mthafckn epidemic. We've been so used to not getting it that we're happy with small glimmers of sunshine.

  2. I agree with Ty! It's definitely ALL over the place. Boston has some of the rudest men I've ever encountered anywhere on the globe. Sheer laziness and completely pathetic! Maybe that's why we're single... because we know what we want and what we won't compromise while others settle ;) [chels]


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