Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guys Not To Date

Roommate.  As a dude friend of mine always asks "Why would I shit where I eat?"  Sex and/or dating your roommate will lead to drama.  Move out before you pursue this relationship.

Mother F'er.  Any guy who is rude to his mother is undateable.  If he can't respect the woman who raised, nurtured and cared for him, why would he respect you?

Mama’s Boy.  Yes, we want him to love and cherish his darling mother, but not live in her basement, eat her groceries, and sleep in all day while she cleans his room.  A guy who still sleeps on his twin bed covered in Star Wars sheets is a big no no.

One Night Stand.  If you drunkenly had sex after meeting at 2am at 7B (or any dive bar for that matter), he most likely isn't looking to put a ring on it.  It's called a "one" night stand for a reason.

First Date Frisky.  He was pissed that you wouldn't spend the night after he paid for dinner and drinks.  Sorry jerk-off, but have the patience to wait a few dates to earn our trust.

Frat Boy.  He gets blackout drunk with his buddies five nights a week, has a messy bedroom, lives with 3 roommates, is always late to work, oh and did I mention he's about to turn 30?  This ex-frat boy has some growing up to do before he will be boyfriend material.

Rebound Romeo.  He recently broke up with his long-term girlfriend and thinks he's ready to date.  Even if he seems like a match for you, be cautious if you must date him.  He may need a few rolls in the hay before finding Mrs. Right.

What types of guys do you refuse to date? xo


  1. Hate frat guys and momma boys!

  2. I won't date the guy that says he wants to commit but he just "can't get it together" so he suggests you still hang out, make out and all of the above. No thanks, let's just be friends....and not the kind with benefits either buddy.

  3. Oh shit, I'm dating a rebound romeo as we speak... I feel like I let him get it out of his system for a month or so but here's hoping...


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