Thursday, June 30, 2011

Guys Not To Date

Roommate.  As a dude friend of mine always asks "Why would I shit where I eat?"  Sex and/or dating your roommate will lead to drama.  Move out before you pursue this relationship.

Mother F'er.  Any guy who is rude to his mother is undateable.  If he can't respect the woman who raised, nurtured and cared for him, why would he respect you?

Mama’s Boy.  Yes, we want him to love and cherish his darling mother, but not live in her basement, eat her groceries, and sleep in all day while she cleans his room.  A guy who still sleeps on his twin bed covered in Star Wars sheets is a big no no.

One Night Stand.  If you drunkenly had sex after meeting at 2am at 7B (or any dive bar for that matter), he most likely isn't looking to put a ring on it.  It's called a "one" night stand for a reason.

First Date Frisky.  He was pissed that you wouldn't spend the night after he paid for dinner and drinks.  Sorry jerk-off, but have the patience to wait a few dates to earn our trust.

Frat Boy.  He gets blackout drunk with his buddies five nights a week, has a messy bedroom, lives with 3 roommates, is always late to work, oh and did I mention he's about to turn 30?  This ex-frat boy has some growing up to do before he will be boyfriend material.

Rebound Romeo.  He recently broke up with his long-term girlfriend and thinks he's ready to date.  Even if he seems like a match for you, be cautious if you must date him.  He may need a few rolls in the hay before finding Mrs. Right.

What types of guys do you refuse to date? xo

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Single Girl's Survival Guide: Bridesmaid Dress Blues

A bridesmaid dress fitting can really bring a girl down.  All the poking and prodding while you’re squeezed into your Spanks, as the measuring tape is wrapped around your womanly hips, covered in a shiny pink taffeta, a maid-of-honor can feel less than honorable.   The sample size on the rack almost never fits, no matter your shape.  Flat-chested pencil thin girls are clipped in as they drown in the itchy fabric, while curvier girls can barely move the zipper past their waists.   A single girl can indeed survive the bridesmaid dress blues by keeping these tips in mind.

Size Doesn’t Matter.  Okay, okay, size may matter for certain things (i.e. pizza slices, square footage in your studio apartment, flat screen tvs, and possibly gentleman parts).  But, when it comes to the size printed on the tag of the gown, it truly doesn’t matter.  Try not to freak out when the seamstress loudly says that she will order you a size 16.  Yes, you may be an 8 in real life fashion, but bridesmaid dresses are sized with drastically different measurements.  Don’t let this fitting lead to the beginning of an eating disorder.  Continue your normal eating and exercise habits.  And if all else fails, just cut out the tag, so you don’t have to look at it.

Super Size it.  Turns out your bust, waist, and hip measurements each fit into different dress sizes.  The seamstress mentions you should order for your hips or bust (of course, the largest area) and they can just “take it in” at your waist.  Try not to smack the store manager, while keeping in mind that it is better to have the dress arrive oversized than too tight.  No one wants to deal with a bridezilla the month before her wedding, when she finds out material has to be added to your dress.  It’s always easier to take a dress in than to take it out.  And hey, even Kim Kardashian probably needs to order a size or two larger to squeeze her sexy booty into bridal party dresses.

Recycle and Reuse.  Brides everywhere can be heard telling their bridal party how practical and beautiful the dresses are that she has chosen for them to walk down the aisle. “You can always just shorten it and wear it again!”.  Sorry to break the news, but most likely you won’t be able to wear this pastel silver floor length dress to someone else’s engagement party or New Year’s Eve celebration.  But, every once in a while, a bride chooses something simple and classy, such as a black cocktail dress from the J. Crew bridal collection, and you will get a second life out of that baby.

Donate For a Better Cause.  The eggplant ball gown you wore in last March’s wedding won’t get a second wear out of your closet.  So do a good thing for a girl in need!  Donate your old bridesmaid gowns to girls who can’t afford a dress for their prom.  You’re unflattering outfit could be someone’s dream dress.  This dress may have caused you anguish the night of the wedding, but you’ll feel great after knowing you’ve made a younger girl’s special evening a reality.

True Colors.  That royal blue tea length dress may seem to be too bright for your pale skin, but try to stay positive as it may look beautiful in photos!  With your makeup professionally done against a summer tan (or a fake and bake for the fall and winter month weddings), an oddly colored dress may look stunning in photos.  Go on and smile your sexiest smile during the photo shoot.

Best Man Bait.  Even if you just can’t get past how much you hate your bridesmaid dress, remember that the Best Man and his crew of groomsman are all about hooking up with a sexy single bridesmaid.  You’re tacky dress may just reel in the available men you’ve been spending all day and night with at the ceremony and on the dance floor.  Rock that dress sexy lady, and bring yourself home a gentlemen suitor.

What Goes Around Comes Around.  Still feel ugly, short, and fat in your bridesmaid dress?  Just remember that one day it will be your turn to be the bride.  And you can force all of your friends who tortured you into wearing brightly colored, unflattering dresses to do the same for your wedding.   Karma’s a bitch.

How do you survive wearing a bridesmaid dress? xo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You've Slept With Your Friend. Now What?

(Chandler and Monica's 1st kiss via

After that line from being platonic buddies to sharing a bed has been crossed after too many tequila shots, friendships can turn awkward.  Even if he was cuddly in the morning, despite a pounding headache and hangover induced nausea, he may not seem as sweet during your next interaction.  Is he afraid he ruined your friendship?  Was he only interested in one night of sex or a friend with benefits?  Is he embarrassed?  Or just trying to play it cool?  Every guy reacts differently in this situation.  Some may avoid you, some will pretend like nothing has changed (purposely calling you "dude" always does the trick to crush your heart), and some may realize they are head-over-heels and pursue you for future plans.  Here are ways to handle the morning-after mistake:

Ignore Him. Yes, this is a silly game.  But, by pretending you don't care (no initiating texts or making plans) will either intrigue him to go after you (because what guy doesn't love the chase?) or make it clear to him he is off the hook.  You must know what you want before you run this game.

Be Honest. Yes, this can be tough, but by flat out telling him the sex was fun, but you're not looking to create drama (or date for that matter) will put both of you at ease.  And if you want no strings attached sex, just throw that out there too.  And if you’ve loved your friend from afar and this night of passion made it clear for you that you want to be his one-and-only, you must speak up now.  It takes serious guts to put it all on the table, but if he isn't man enough to clear the air, you should take charge.

Date Other Guys.  And make sure he hears about it.  But, if he isn’t jealous, who cares?  New guys will help you to move the F on.  This is a win-win.

Play The Waiting Game.  Give him time to cool off, get his space, and feel less awkward.  You can go back to being “just friends” (okay, “just friends” who have seen each other naked) eventually.  You’ll both need days (weeks, perhaps?) apart to decide how you really feel or to make your one night of intimacy feel like a distant memory.

Move On.  If he is no longer contacting you or willing to hang out like old times, just take it with a grain of salt that this guy isn't mature enough to stay friends and isn't interested in more.  You’re way too beautiful, smart, and lovely to chase a guy who isn’t decent enough to give you respect.  You will find better.

What do you do after a platonic friendship turns intimate? xo

Monday, June 27, 2011

Num Pang Open in Midtown

For authentic Asian cuisine outside of Chinatown stop by Num Pang, the Cambodian sandwich shop that’s launched its second location in Midtown East.  The new Num Pang is conveniently located only two blocks away from Grand Central Station, for the delight of commuters and business ladies (and gents) who lunch.   The Five Spiced Pork Belly (with pickled Asian pear), is served inside a crusty bread with a sauce that’s packed with flavor for the perfect spice and meaty balance.  The Grilled Skirt Steak (with crushed coriander and peppercorn) is another fan favorite, with gently marinated steak.  Each sandwich is affordable at only $6.75 – $9 each.
Cool off with a sweet summer sipper, such as the tart Blood Orange Lemonade or the pure Watermelon Juice.  For a guilt-free dessert, snack on the Tropical Fruit Salad (fresh lychee, young coconut, mango, papaya, pineapple, watermelon, with lemongrass and mint).  With Num Pang’s delicious sandwiches, Asian dining is no longer just sushi and dim sum.  Num Pang. 21 E. 12th St. & 140 E. 41st St.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just Friends?

I’ve always been the type of girl who has tons of girlfriends, the kind of close confidants who share your secrets, passions, and dreams.  When it comes to male friendships, I’ve had fun with the kind of casual buddies who I can chug beer and get down on wings with.  But, rarely have I had close friendships with men that have not turned intimate.  I can actually name the men I’ve considered best friends on one hand, who have been like brothers to me.  All other male friendships couldn’t remain as “just friends”.  Can a male and female ever truly be platonic friends?  When a man and woman grow close, it seems one (or both) falls for the other.

Chick Flicks are not always the best examples of reality, but so many have portrayed this real-life dating scenario.  If the most famous line in When Harry Met Sally is "I'll have what she's having," the most famous claim is that men and women can never be friends.  "The sex part," according to Harry, "always gets in the way."  Although Sally protests his assertion, Harry turns out to be right.  After a decades-long friendship, sex does get in the way.  Harry and Sally's relationship goes from platonic to romantic.  In My Best Friend's Wedding, Julianne realizes she's in love with her closest male friend the day he announces he's marrying someone else.  We all want what we can’t have.  Even Scully and Mulder found themselves in bed and in love.  And everyone’s favorite 80’s dork Duckie was head-over-heels in unrequited love with Andie in Pretty in Pink.

Of course there are men and women who can (and do) keep "the sex part" on the back burner.  I’ve had a few close male friends whom I trust and love like family, but never wanted to cross that line to be more than friends.  I can acknowledge that they are handsome, attractive men, but I'm not attracted to them.  I've loved them, but never been in love with them.

Do you believe men and women can be just friends? xo

Monday, June 20, 2011

Beauty Below 14th St.

(Chloe Sevigny via

I may not be a fashion or beauty blogger like the always trendy and budget friendly Style Within Reach or the city chic Midtown Girl, but I do appreciate style and happen to think I'm pretty on point (most of the time).  Here are the basics to looking good below 14th street.

Lip Color. Red lipstick adds sex appeal on a night out on the town.  A coral color during the spring makes an olive skinned girl stand out.  A bright pink lip keeps you pretty for summer, no matter your skin coloring.

Messy buns. The humid summer weather has already got you frazzled?  A high, slightly messy bun is both practical and downtown hip.  So throw your hair up and head on out into the summer sunshine.

Short manicured nails.  Whether you choose a light summer pink or a deep funky gray, keeping your nails squared and neat will have you looking put together even on your most hectic days.

Fake Lashes.  My personal stylist (aka best gal pal) glues on those babies for any night out when she wants to add more drama to her look.  Whether dancing at Le Bain or flirting with guys at an East Village dive, fake lashes always scream sexy.

Black All Over.  From the always flattering LBD to American Apparel leggings, you can't go wrong wearing black clothes downtown.  Yes, a pop of color is always fun, but basic blacks are slimming and always in.

Cross body bags.  Chanel, vintage or a cheapie find will all work to carry your essentials around.

Over-sized shades or Ray Bans with a hipster edge are perfect for protecting your pretty eyes from the summer sunshine.  Even in the winter months, sunglasses can hide hangovers or give you street cred. 

What are your basics for being a downtown beauty? xo

Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer In The City

Whether you'll be staycationing in Brooklyn or weekending in the Hamptons, here's some of the best of Summer 2011 that you won't want to miss out on.

1. Tiki Disco at Roberta's - Cuz all the cool kids have relocated to Bushwick.
2. The pool and roof at Le Bain - My favorite NYC rooftop for dancing, drinking, and debauchery.
3. Bootcamp classes in Central Park - Email my lovely friend Lauren for details.  She will kick your booty.
5. The Frying Pan - Day drinking on a docked boat is a must.
6. The Beast - Speed boating down the Hudson.
7. SL East & South Pointe - The newest Hamptons nightlife hot-spots.
8. Two private parties on my rooftop (sorry, this is invite only).
9. Highline - Walk, chat, grab a drink, and enjoy the atmosphere.
10. Loreley - When in need of a Williamsburg Biergarten.
11. Surf Lodge - For fun way out in Montauk.
12. Astoria Beer Gardens - Bohemian Hall & Studio Square
13. Hester St Fair - LES foodie and shopping heaven.
14. Van Leeuwen new store - Dangerously located on my street.
15. Shake Shack - If you have the patience to wait in line for red meat.
16. Kelvin Slush - Gourmet versions of your childhood slushies.
17. Dream Downtown - The newest place downtown to see and be seen.
18. Luke's Lobster - Fresh lobster rolls with multiple city locations, booths at fairs, and on a truck!
19. Juliette - Rooftop brunching in Brooklyn.
20. Sheep's Meadow in Central Park - People watching and picnics.

What's on your summer to-do list? xo

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rockography Does Brunch

When Rockography opened this spring, I was treated to a junk food and cocktail filled night, courtesy of the restaurant.  After my review was quoted on Eater, I was invited back to indulge in their recently launched “Brunch with The Beatles”.  I discovered the heaven that is their Homemade Poptart, while throwing back unlimited bellinis.  Check out my exclusive review on The Downtown Diaries.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Rewind twenty years ago and you’d see my bright pink New Kids On The Block comforter fixed neatly on my twin water bed, a pile of YM magazines, and cassette tapes displayed by a tiny Walkman blaring “The Right Stuff”.  As a baby of the 80’s and a pre-teen of the 90’s, I would swoon over Joey McIntyre (oh those blue eyes and wavy hair), awkwardly slow dance with my first real crush to Backstreet Boys’ “I’ll Never Break Your Heart”, and watch *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” video daily on TRL.

On Monday night, my childhood self was in heaven at the New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys concert (NKOTBSB).  This reunion tour left thousands of twenty and thirty-something ladies singing, dancing, and screaming to their favorite boy band ballads and pop hits.  These boys are finally men (mostly married fathers), who can still sexily croon and nail choreography to give Justin Bieber a run for his money.  With wine in hand, tickets from Gilt City, and some of my favorite Manhattan girlfriends, this concert was one of my all-time favorite music filled evenings.  We even bought tshirts, because this concert series was obviously a once in a lifetime experience.

What reunion tour from your childhood would you like to see? xo

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ride The Beast

(On "The Beast" with my darling Kris)

Growing up as an East Coast girl by the beach, I find few things lovelier during the summer than sailing on the water and soaking up the sun’s rays for the perfect tan. Add the view of the Manhattan skyline and you’ve got an amazing date spot and New York City adventure.
Circle Line Cruises has launched a new boat that will remind you more of a rollercoaster on the water than your high school boyfriend’s yacht.  At a heart-pounding 45 miles per hour, riders enjoy thirty minutes on the water speeding past Manhattan's west side skyscrapers, and even approaches the Statue of Liberty, where you'll get closer than when riding the Staten Island Ferry (yes, I’ve been on that boat way too many times than I can care to remember).
At the Circle Line Cruises' launch of the new speedboat (aptly named "The Beast") on Tuesday, June 7, members of New York City's press (and Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford) were treated to a complimentary "thrill ride”.  The boat, gleaming with a lime-green and yellow exterior, is docked at Pier 83 at West 42nd Street and 12th Avenue.  Upon boarding, passengers are handed ponchos.  Minutes later, you’ll be soaring, screaming, down the Hudson, as the boat turns and tips.  If you’d prefer to bathe in the sun without the plastic shield, you’ll be sopping, dripping, and soaking wet, just like that wet t-shirt contest during Spring Break Acapulco 2005 (no, mom I didn’t enter the contest, just cheered on my sorority sisters and had my share of tequila shots).  Ignore your sense of fashion if you hope to return dry to shore.
Circle Line's new speedboat ride is really a thrill, unless you always end up with an upset stomach when on an amusement park ride or are OCD about getting your long locks wet.   But if you love the wind blowing through your hair, splashes of water to cool down, exhilarating speed, and an unbeatable view of New York City, make “The Beast” a must on your next date or with a group of your feisty girlfriends this summer.  Tickets are a steal at $24 for adults.  Don’t forget to bring your camera or to take a few shots of Lady Liberty with your iPhone to tweet out or post on Facebook.  Even if you’re a local, the view will make all of your crew jealous.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Middle Feast

Openhouse Gallery, the pop-up space that brought New York City The Big Cheesy and Love & Paint, hosted The Middle Feast, a hummus-tasting competition on Sunday afternoon.  Participants included 12 Chairs, Pita Joe, Ba'al Café, Le Sajj, Moustache, and Toum.  Chefs from each restaurant served their signature hummus dishes alongside crunchy pita chips, crisp baby carrots, and homemade breads for dipping.  Tickets were sold for only $20 via Gilt City.
With a glass of North African wine in hand by Le Poisson, guests were ready to sample and mingle.  Sweet citrus lemon and orange juices from Bella Lula and chewy baklava from Zalatimo's Old City Bakery were served to compliment the salty and olive oil filled hummus tastings.  As a third generation Lebanese American, my mother and grandmothers made hummus weekly, served with drizzled olive oil and spices alongside eggs at breakfast or as an appetizer at dinner.  With over twenty years of hummus eating experience, I felt more than prepared to judge the best of the best at The Middle Feast.  12 Chairs was hands down the winner in my mind.  Bathing in olive oil and lemon, this creamy hummus served with warm fluffy pita bread was so delicious, I had seconds.  Le Sajj, a Brooklyn Lebanese Restaurant, came in as a close second.  This hummus was the most authentic, with a thick consistency and just the right amount of garlic, served with thin tannour bread, took me back to my grandmother’s kitchen.  Pita Joe’s hummus topped with whole chickpeas and olive oil drizzle, was also creamy and flavorful, served with crunchy pita chips.  At the end of the day, votes were tallied and the top hummus chef will get their winning recipe published in the next edition of Edible Manhattan.
Check out Openhouse Gallery and Gilt City for exclusive NYC lifestyle events and happenings.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


(image via

Keep your friends close and your frenemies closer.  Your best girlfriends are your support system in the city.  These ladies lend a shoulder to cry on, delve out better advice than your therapist, and make you laugh until you (almost) pee your pants after too many dirty martinis.  But a frenemy must be kept under a watchful eye, as this fake friend can’t be trusted.  She will try to steal your man, land your dream job promotion, or gossip her way into damaging your social status.  Pay close attention to these frenemy clues, so you don’t become the next Lauran Conrad, stabbed in the back by a Heidi Montag.

1. She’s All Over Your Crush. When you're out at a bar she can't help but touch his arm or graze his leg as they joke.  She may be his roommate or his friend from back in his dorm days, but that doesn't give her physical privileges with the man she knows you have feelings for.  This frenemy will play it off like she is flirty by nature - she “just can’t help it”.  Try to keep your cool and pretend you don’t even notice.  She is hoping to make you jealous, so pretending it isn’t a big deal might make her keep her hands to herself.

2. She Steals Your Career.  You've been working your butt off for five years and finally get the chance to meet with your boss about a promotion.  Then you overhear she secretly interviewed for the job you want, after helping you practice interview questions and giving advice.  Don’t share secrets by the water cooler with this two-faced coworker.

3. She Only Gives Superficial Compliments. “Oh I loooooove your sunglasses.” and “Where did you get those amazing shoes?”  and “You've been looking super skinny lately.”   Watch out for the girl who doesn't have anything else to say.  She's buttering you up for a reason.

4. She Only Gives Backhanded Compliments.  A real friend could hurt your feelings by mistake, but a frenemy hopes that her comments bother you.  "That's a great outfit for someone your size."  Or “You should be so happy a guy who’s that smart is interested in you.”

5. She Diminishes Your Accomplishments.  This frenemy will ruin a positive moment for you with careless words, such as "I'm so happy about your promotion. You almost make as much as I do now.”

6. She’s a Gossip.  This one is obvious.  If you find out from others in your circle or from coworkers that this frenemy is talking about you behind your back, it’s time to drop her asap.

7. She’s Unhealthily Competitive.  This frenemy is constantly comparing her life with yours or competing with you over even the most minor things.  She must top every story you tell.  “Oh, your boyfriend surprised you with pink peonies?  That’s sweet.  My boyfriend got me earrings at Tiffany’s last weekend just because.”

8. She Derails Your Efforts to Succeed.  Whether you’re working hard to lose weight or saving money for a European vacation, this frenemy is jealous of your success.  She may temp you to skip spin class for wings and beer or encourage you to buy that Kate Spade handbag for spring with the money you’ve been saving for your trip.  Be selfish for your own health and money matters.  Don’t let this frenemy interfere with your path to health, love, or financial success.

How do you define a frenemy xo

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Milk Street Café to Open on Wall Street

(with foodie blogger Sarah Spigelman)

Do you find yourself asking “What’s for lunch?” an hour after arriving at the office?  The Milk Street Café, a Boston-based restaurant and catering company will open its first New York City location on Thursday, June 23rd to answer that all too important question.  The 23,000 square foot “food hall” located within the Trump Building on Wall Street features a high-end selection of gourmet cuisine.
The Milk Street Café is not your average cafeteria.  Various food stations line the dining room including a barista station for your morning or mid-afternoon jolt of caffeine, made-from-scratch breads, desserts and pastries to satisfy your carb cravings, a sushi bar offering rolls and sushi pieces made from fresh whole fish, two create-your-own salad bars (one vegetarian, one not), a carving station, a grill, a rotisserie, and homemade soups.  No matter your craving, you’ll always find a delicious and healthy meal among the many options offered at Milk Street Café.   Grab a table in the “Hollywood Regency” themed dining area with coworkers for a well deserved break from the nearby hectic finance offices.  Or try a made-to-order take out option to enjoy lunch or dinner outside in the summer sunshine.
Milk Street Café.  40 Wall Street.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Waiting Game

I'm impatient.  I've always been impatient.  I'm terrible at waiting in line to check out at Whole Foods, waiting for a job offer, and most importantly waiting for a guy to make a move.  I'm the type of girl who takes action and control in matters of life and love.  I'm the worst at playing games.  Why can't I text him if he's on my mind?  I realize there must be a bit of a chase for men to be intrigued.  If you stalk a guy, he will run and never look back, no matter how beautiful you are.  A lady must have some sense of mystery.  But, I refuse to believe a girl must wait around like a damsel in distress until her knight in shining armor courts her via gchat or text asking to grab a drink after work.  If I like a guy, I’ll invite him out for drinks or to a party with friends.  When you like someone, you want to spend more time with them to get to know them.  I prefer to move that process along by taking matters into my own hands and making plans myself.  Of course I like when men ask me out on dates, but a girl can’t wait forever to get the ball rolling with her newest crush.  Men shouldn't have all the power.  And I refuse to let them.

Do you wait around for men to make the first move? xo

Friday, June 3, 2011

CO-OP Food & Drink Now Open in Hotel on Rivington

The team that introduced New York City to the concept of pop-up dining has opened a venture intended for a much longer life expectancy.  Alan Philips and Jason Apfelbaum, of the Guerrilla Culinary Brigade, encourage you to “Feed your imagination.  Indulge your soul” at CO-OP Food and Drink inside The Hotel on Rivington, a modern American brasserie and sushi bar, which opened last week.  
The invited press multi-course tasting menu of food and drink pairings held Wednesday evening was filled with online editors and my favorite nightlife and food bloggers.  While admiring the space’s Lower East Side gritty glamorous vibe in the back dining room, we indulged in five courses, each paired with the perfect complimentary cocktail, sake, or glass of wine.  John Keller, of Nobu and Le Bernardin, serves as the Executive Chef, Stephen “Neo” Wong, a Sushi of Gari vet, handles the fresh fish, Master Mixologist Julio Torres, of Balthazar, Babbo, and the BLT group, designed the cocktail menu, while the list of all American wines are overseen by Wine Director Tara Carney and will rotate bi-monthly.  This all-star team truly delivers.
Portraits of New York City icons, including Patricia Field, Betsy Johnson, Patrick McMullan and Moby, to legendary Lower East Sider’s such as the owner of Katz Deli, cover the walls of the back dining room, as two black granite chandeliers descend from a glass ceiling opening to the stars above the city, exuding sultriness over an elongated communal table in the center.  This is the new place downtown to see and be seen.  While the next-big-thing is usually pretentiously obnoxious, the friendly staff accommodated our every need.  From diligent attentiveness of food allergies, to informative descriptions of the menu offerings, to the quick service for each course, the staff was impressive and lovely.
The Pink Bazooka (fresh watermelon, Grey Goose, a coconut water ice cube, and fresh basil) was the stand out cocktail of the night.  As the coconut water ice cube melts, the drink takes on a whole new exotic flavor.  Don’t miss out on this pretty pink poison.  As far as salads are concerned, kale has been celebrated by everyone from nutritionists to Whole Foods Market as a top source for vitamins.  The Kale Ceasar (Tuscan and purple kale with Asian pear) takes the antioxidant rich greenery and adds the well-known unhealthy Caesar salad dressing to create a delicious compromise on health and flavor.  Kan Nihonkai Ultra Dry Sake (known as one of the driest sakes in the world) was served alongside the sushi course.  CO-OP Roll (a spicy tuna roll topped with rock shrimp tempura and a slice of jalapeno) was a decadent crowd pleaser.  Each piece of sushi and sashimi are right-off-the-boat fresh with an ingredient twist away from the standard sushi offerings.  The eel is rich, the tuna has a spike of citrus, and the salmon with roasted tomato and shallot melts on the tip of your tongue.  As a seafood lover, the Black Cod Butter Lettuce Cups (Black Cod, sweet miso, shredded filo, wrapped in butter lettuce) are to die for.  The miso glaze perfectly sweetens the fish.  The CO-OP Chicken Lollipops, smothered in a finger-licking creamy sriracha sauce, are served bone-in and ready to share with your crew.  The Rivington Steak Frites (Dry aged NY strip, bone marrow butter, CO-OP fries) are the carnivore’s wet dream.  The steak is cooked to a tender medium rare, falling apart at the touch of a knife.  The fries with a salty cheese flavor were some of the best I’ve had in years.  Uni Risotto (with foie gras foam) is rich, creamy, and quickly filling.  Each course is priced and arranged to share with your dinner companions for an interactive and social experience.

Visit CO-OP Food & Drink for a sexy date night with your newest fling or with your best girlfriends to enjoy shared plates and imbibe some of the city’s best cocktails in the newest LES hotspot.
CO-OP Food & Drink.  107 Rivington Street.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Low Expectations

In a city like New York, with too many self-consumed men, it may seem at times that chivalry is dead.  But then a handsome gentleman does the simplest thing, like pouring water into your almost empty glass, emailing you an article he knows you'd be interested in, or simply calling you when he said he would and you think that man is a god.  Because any other regular Joe won't even open a door for you.  Boy, are our expectations low.  After describing his good behavior to your bff she might even conclude this polite dude has been raised right and clearly stays close to his mom or he must have sisters.  Good manners have become so rare when dating in New York City that many women are impressed or even shocked when they are on the receiving end of these gestures.  How have our expectations gotten so very low?

Men, please step it up, so we can raise our expectations.  Because this girl refuses to settle for anything less. xo

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello, Summer

After a long weekend of friends, family, booze, beaches, warm weather, and cookouts, it's safe to say that summer has officially begun.  City ladies and gents will be escaping the smelly concrete sidewalks, humid subways, and cramped office cubicles for weekend trips all summer long to the nearby beaches from Montauk to the Jersey Shore.  I'll be throwing parties on my rooftop, behaving badly at bachelorette parties in the Hamptons, visiting family near the Cape, and of course holding it down during week nights at the bars below 14th street.

What are your plans for this summer? xo

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