Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unwanted Advances

How many times do you get catcalled or flirted with on your way to the office in the morning?  Today alone I was offended on 8 separate occasions - from the man on my block who tells me I'm "beautiful" every morning as he sweeps his stoop, to a homeless drug addict in Tompkins Square Park whose comment I can't even print on my blog, to a teen on the A train from the wrong side of the tracks who couldn't get enough of my curves.

Don't men understand that the ogling, stares, and blatant sexual comments make us uncomfortable?  Women are not flattered by these "compliments", but offended. Yelling at me from your truck window will not result in getting my number, I can promise you that.  Why can't a sexy, beautiful woman dress as she pleases in a cotton summer dress or fitted jeans without being harassed?  What's a girl to do other than ignore these remarks?  And why is it that the cutie who catches your eye at the coffee shop each morning won't actually approach you to strike up a conversation?  It's always the unwanted attention that women get on a daily basis from the most perverted characters.

What undesirable comments have men said to you? xo


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. It is definitely unwanted- the cat calling I mean. What do they expect us to do? Turn around run into their arms? For me, most of the attention comes for my derriere. And its always, always something vulgar, disgusting and xrated.

  2. yes
    the whistling, teasing and other rubbish disturbs allot whenever i face such people.

  3. Its just what we men do. I have no problem with it. Its been done for years and I laugh when it happens. Just part of being a woman. When you wear something tight, revealing, high heels, short skirts its gonna happen. It can't be avoided. I look, turn my head and say "damn girl." BUT you gotta be pretty cute like Victoria's Secret hot for me to turn my head. I don't cat call on every regular chick. Let's not get it twisted.

  4. If you are going to wear something I deem attractive in the public domain then I reserve the right to admire your beauty. If by some chance you get me to exclaim my feelings, the Lady you must be special.


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