Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Single Girl’s Survival Guide: Bridal Showers

Do those matching Kate Spade “His” and “Hers” glasses that you purchased for the bride remind you that you’re single (and also nauseous)?  Being a single girl at a bridal shower can evoke many emotions; jealousy, disinterest, envy, and even boredom.  As a self-proclaimed professional bridesmaid, I’ve hosted many a bridal shower: planned the silly themed games (yes, we made toilet paper wedding gowns), greeted guests as they arrived, scribed notes for each and every gift, all the while throwing back a few daytime cocktails.  Whether you’re working as a member of the bridal party or attending as a guest, here’s the Single Girl’s Survival Guide to Bridal Showers:

1. Keep the Bride Happy.  You will learn quickly that if the bride is smiling, you will be smiling too.  Make sure she has time to greet each guest, feels organized as she opens her gifts, is hydrated with glasses of water, and is handed an alcoholic beverage or two, so she can brave her bossy future mother-in-law.

2. Keep the Mother-of-the-Bride Happy.  Mama Cougar will be feeling stressed and possibly anxious for this brunch to go off without a hitch.  She is hoping that the women of her family, as well as her daughter’s future in-laws’ family, are impressed and having fun.  Help her out with any small task (i.e. passing out pens at each table for a game of Bridal Bingo), keep her in the loop of any plans or surprises the bridesmaids have in store, and compliment her on her beautiful dress and slim figure.

3. Buy a Lovely Gift.  Wedding gifts tend to be pricey, but remember that the bride will be so thankful to have pieces of her dream china to host her first Christmas that she will remember to return the favor when you’re engaged to Mr. Right.  Also, being recognized by the bride in front of all of the women in attendance regarding you’re a-mazing gift will be a little confidence booster (because duh, this single girl may not have a man, but she knows how to shop for the best of the best in luxury goods).

4. Sit with Single Ladies.  If you’re seated at a table of all married women and new mothers, the conversation might revolve around breast pumps and their new homes in the Hamptons.  With all of this chatter, a single girl can feel left out.  Make sure to locate your fellow unattached gals, and sneak to a corner table with them to dish on your Cinco de Mayo one night stand, the new pair of Louboutins you snagged at this week’s sample sale, and the debauchery that went down at the pool in Le Bain late Saturday night.  This mini break of single city girl gossip will remind you you’re not a weirdo freak without a man.

5. Get Tipsy.  If all else fails, drink more than your share of mimosas until watching the opening of houseware gifts becomes entertaining.

How do you survive bridal showers? xo


  1. This is an awesome post. Ugh- the dreaded bridal shower. Even if youre not single and like me, been with my guy 8 years and still waiting on a ring...showers can be hard!!! Its all about #5 for me!!! :)

  2. definitely sit with the single ladies, there is nothing more boring than discussing the price of nappies and washing machines. and get tipsy, it helps!!

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