Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Korilla BBQ Truck

Food trucks have been all the rage over the past year or so in the city, as they have taken the traditional food carts of hot dogs and halaal chicken to new heights on wheels.   The quality and variety of cuisines range from sweets at The CupcakeStop to savory bites at the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck.
Korilla BBQ is my newest favorite for your break out of the office.  The menu is made up of burritos, tacos and chosun bowls with Korean-inspired fillings.  If you’re counting calories and don’t want to blow it all on lunch, order a Chosun Bowl ($8) with tofu, sticky rice, an assortment of veggies (including shiitake mushrooms, mung bean, and soy bean sprouts), with a Korean hot sauce (mild or k-illa).
When in need of a hangover cure or a filling meal after a morning of bootcamp-style workouts, the Ribeye of the Tiger Burrito ($7) is a must-order.  Marinated black angus ribeye steak is topped with red kimchi, korilla sauce, shredded monterey jack cheese, tomato salsa, and red leaf lettuce.  Trust me when I suggest to replace the sticky rice with B.K.F.R. (bacon and kimchi fried rice) for an extra $1.  You will be in fat kid heaven.   The Korilla BBQ Truck moves daily, so check out their weekly locations for lunch or dinner service on their website and follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

What is your favorite food truck? xo

(images via Serious Eats)


  1. AAAh this looks delish! I MUST get this!!! I love waffles and dinges. Belgian waffles + Nutella = LOOOVE!

  2. i love korilla bbq! bacon and kimchi fried rice, oh lorddd..

    miss you! xoxoxo


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