Monday, May 2, 2011

Do's and Don'ts: Online Dating Photos

As I recently mentioned here, I have yet to try online dating.  But, so many of my girlfriends are meeting men in the virtual world.  If you're a dude searching for a relationship online, please follow these Do's and Don'ts when posting photos to attract the ladies.
DON'T post 12 self taken photos in a mirror or in front of your laptop.  Really, you don’t have any friends or family that you take pictures with or that have taken a picture of you?  Makes me wonder - do you have friends?

DO Crop your friends out of photos.  Let's be honest, you would feel shitty if I messaged you asking about your hot friend wouldn't you?  And well, I just might.

DON’T post pictures of you with a sexy girl.  Yes, that may be your sister, but unless you clarify this, I am going to think the blonde bimbo standing next to you with her vajayjay practically falling out of her dress is your friend that I have to compete with, and I don’t have the time or energy (or the equally slutty clothing).

DON’T post a picture of you in your underwear or with your pants so low that I can practically see your you-know-what.  Although you do have a sick body, it doesn’t make me feel better about mine and it sure as hell does not make me want to immediately take my clothes off and walk around naked in front you.  I won’t be able to do that until I hit the gym for at least 6 months.  Also, where's the mystery if I've already been this close to your dick?

DO post pictures of you close up.  Let’s be honest, I am most likely looking at your photo to see if I'm even attracted to you before I start reading about you and your life.  If I can’t see a picture of you do you really think I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you’re really hot?  The picture is far away because of how ugly you actually are, right?

DON’T post pictures of random things.  I don’t care what your apartment looks like, how nice your car is or what the Egyptian pyramids look like.

DO post more than one photo.   Epecially if it’s with you and a buddy.  I might assume you are the other guy and when I find out the truth, I may be disappointed if your bro is hotter.

DON’T post a million pictures.  I think I get it after 3 or 4.  You're just in love with yourself aren’t you?

What do you love or hate about online dating profile photos? xo

Guest Blogger: Marisa


  1. This post is so ridiculously funny ~ I love it!

  2. indeed picture paint a thousand words, so a good picture can do the trick and used as a bait, btw nice review though

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  3. Nicely said, Not bad at all! Interesting piece of information. I find it to be honest, useful and fresh so thank you so much for posting this!

  4. wow, that's very helpful.

  5. I agree with you. The do's and dont's you have cited are indeed facts. They are very beneficial to every man who wants to look for a true and lasting online relationship.

  6. This list is a great tip for guys, except "DON’T post pictures of you with a sexy girl." Guys should get a girl challenged by showing some competition. It amplifies attraction. Women may not like it, but it is effective.

  7. Thanks for sharing these tips. These are very factual and informative ones. One thing that I'll add is the trait, be Honest all the time.

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  8. I think I'll add that don't ever fake your photo or Photoshop it in any way because everyone values honesty especially when dating.
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    1. Photoshopping is acceptable sometimes if it doesn't alter your appearance completely. However, fake photos are never good.

  9. This topic was your advantage among other blogs out there. This blog contains and provide definitely unique ideas and information.

  10. I agree with the comments. It is important not to fake your photos. Honest is the best policy and sometimes people consider honesty over physical appearance. Thanks for sharing these very factual do's and dont's when dating online.

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  12. This is very great thing you have shared with us. Now I found enough resources by your tips about this issue, Thank you.

  13. I definitely agree with the comments above me but gives me a lot of option to find my soul mate.

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