Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Review: S'Mac

From a fresh Burrata with sliced tomatoes at Supper, to the melted Brie and ham croissant at Paradiso, to the Sheep’s Milk Ricotta at Locanda Verde, I am obsessed with all things cheese.  While those rich dishes are all delicious, they tend to be a bit luxurious for an everyday cheese craving.  When in need of cheesy comfort food with a small price tag, quality ingredients, and no-frills, look no further than the macaroni and cheese at Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese (known as S’Mac).

Whether you’re feeling creative to make your own mac dish, or prefer to devour one of the menu staples, you will be in for a treat.  The Buffalo Chicken (cheddar & American cheeses with boneless chicken pieces and buffalo wing sauce, topped with crumbled blue cheese and bread crumbs) has the perfect spicy kick balanced with layers of creamy goodness.  The Cheeseburger (cheddar & American cheeses  combined with seasoned ground meat), is just right for the meat lover in your life.  For a classy twist order The Parisienne (Brie, roasted figs, roasted shiitake mushrooms & fresh rosemary).  When looking to make your own, MacCheesy recommends slab bacon, scallions, pecorino, and cheddar cheeses.  This is the perfect balance of salt, fat, and creaminess.  This combination is a must-order!
To the East Village foodie’s delight, they even deliver.  Yes, you will feel obese when your mac n’ cheese arrives in a pizza-sized box, but once you’ve devoured the noodles, you won’t regret it (even with a slightly bloated belly).  
S'Mac.  345 E. 12th St.

Check out my other mac n’ cheese love at MacBar!

Where do you go for macaroni and cheese? xo

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pranna Does Brunch

With the raging brunch parties of Lavo or Day and Night in The Oak Room, restaurants and nightclubs throughout the city are launching afternoon parties for those who aren’t as elite (or frankly as rich) as the earlier mentioned crowd of day drinkers.  The newest pre-fixe brunch offering comes from Pranna, a nightclub in Flatiron exuding a Southeast Asian fusion flare.  With a dining room illumined by hanging glass bulb fixtures and sleek table settings, the vibe is more uptown chic than downtown hipster cool.

For just $28 per person, enjoy a brunch entrée, complimented with three cocktails of your choice; from Bloody Marys, bellinis, mimosas, or screwdrivers.  This “Mad Brunch” will get you tipsy, as you enjoy a breakfast dish, such as the light and fluffy omelet with goat cheese accompanied by spicy and rich curry potatoes or a traditional lunch meal, such as the solid cheeseburger.  I attended early with a crowd of bloggers, foodies, editors, and publicists, so Pranna’s usual crowd didn’t arrive until we were good and drunk, around 2pm.  Clad in stilettos and tight mini dresses, early twenty-something girls piled into the dining area to fill the tables with bottles of champagne, along with their stereotyped finance or Euro boy-toys.  This crowd isn’t my kind of crew, but they were definitely ready to make Pranna their destination of brunch party fun with ample booze as the DJ began spinning louder tunes.  Make reservations at Pranna for a boozy bachelorette party or birthday brunch.  Pranna.  79 Madison Avenue.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Single Girl’s Survival Guide: Dateless at The Reception

As a self-proclaimed professional bridesmaid, I could give that bitch from 27 Dresses a run for her money.  After almost five years out of college, I’ve been a maid of honor, bridesmaid, and ceremony reader so many times, that by the time I hit thirty I could dress a group of high school girls for their prom with gowns from the back of my tiny East Village closet.  Of course I love my friends and I feel honored to stand up for each and every wedding.  They always have my blessing and best wishes for wonderful lives ahead with the man of their dreams.  But, as I have yet to find my Prince Charming, I usually attend weddings without a date.  There is no sense in bringing around my newest guy, who will be stuck alone at a table all night, while I attend to the bride, chat with her family, pose for photos, and catch up with my friends.  Here are my pros for being dateless as the reception:

1. You don’t have to worry if your date is having fun.  This night is all about you. Oh, and the bride and groom, of course.

2. Singing old sorority chants while doing shots won’t be embarrassing in front of the Ivy League hipster you’ve started dating.

3. You can feel free to flirt with the sexy groomsman you met years ago at the bride’s 21st birthday.

4. You can save money by sharing a hotel room with your girlfriends, not paying for your $50 Brazilian wax before the wedding weekend of festivities, and purchasing a less extravagant gift for the happy couple.

5. After the formal photos have been taken, you can rip off your Spanks because who cares how skinny you look as you down vodka sodas and dance the night away with your girls?

6. There’s no need to pick at your plate like an anorexic model to impress a superficial dude.  Tasting every single offering at the cocktail hour then proceeding to clean each plate of your five course dinner will feel glorious.

7. You won’t need to force a lame guy with two left feet to dance.  Spend hours on the dance floor with your crew.

8. During slow dances when couples are holding each other close, head to the bar to enjoy a shorter line to score your booze.

9. You’ll save yourself from embarrassment caused by the bride’s family if you introduced your new date.  You just know the bride’s mom and aunts would either call him by your ex’s name or question what happened to your college boyfriend, the perfect pre-med major and athlete who stole their hearts.

10. Now’s your chance to sleep with the bride’s hot older cousin, who’s been building homes in Haiti.  This one night stand won’t make you feel guilty as you’re just properly welcoming him back to the states.

What do you love about being dateless at a reception? xo

Monday, May 23, 2011

Le Bain Pool and Roof Bar Opens for Summer

(image via)
Summer in New York City means dining outdoors, pedicure perfect toes peeping out of sandals, backyard Brooklyn cookouts, and most importantly, rooftop cocktails.  Le Bain at The Standard Hotel has reopened their rooftop bar and the infamous pool for late night swimming under the disco ball.  With DJs spinning to keep you on your dancing heels, one of the most amazing views in Manhattan (even the bathrooms are all glass windows for a breathtaking sight), and sexy ladies and gentlemen (obviously using that term to describe the men loosely), Le Bain is a year-round raging party across the hall from the Boom Boom Room.
(image via)
The reopening of the pool only adds to the debauchery with extra nakedness during the warmer months.  Enjoy strong drinks in Le Bain by the bar near the pool, shred your dress if you dare to hop in for a swim, then head up to the rooftop bar on the 19th floor to snag a lawn chair on the AstroTurf, or rest on a pink waterbed for the ultimate retro escape.  According to Gotham Magazine, keeping with its French theme, a new crêpe shack will serve daily treats.  And the rooftop now has a license to play music with rumored live performances.
(by the bar with my darling friend Amy)
(my girls Amy, Renie, & Caitlin)
After a wild Daytime Emmy party two summers ago at The Standard Downtown LA, yours truly spent her fair share of tipsy time in the rooftop pool with nothing but scandalous lace underwear (no, those photos will not make it to my blog or Facebook for that matter).  And it’s safe to say that fellow party goers spent some “sexy time” on the enclosed waterbeds nearby.  After that wild night you won’t find this girl undressed at Le Bain.  Dancing with my crew by the DJ booth while admiring those in the pool is party enough for me.
(late night view from the rooftop)
To join this nightlife pool party, you must know someone (or someone who knows someone).  Whether you’re friends with the DJ of the evening or a wealthy Euro prince who has ordered bottles, namedrop your way up to the 18th floor.  Follow the sassy Stan D’Arde for the latest in-the-know Standard Hotel news.
The Standard (848 Washington St)
(view from a bathroom window)

Where is your favorite rooftop bar in the city? xo

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Free Floral Delivery Tomorrow at LDF

What girl doesn't swoon over flowers from her crush?  If a gentleman sent me pink peonies, I just might fall for him (or at least give him a kiss).  After a rainy week in New York City, wouldn't you like to bring a touch of spring home to your sweetheart with a beautiful bouquet of flowers?  Enjoy free delivery anywhere in Manhattan on any floral arrangement ordered this Friday (aka tomorrow) at LDF Floral and Event Design by mentioning "NearSay", the NYC neighborhood publication. 
LDF specializes in one of a kind floral couture.  Each and every flower is selected with the criteria of beauty, freshness and rarity.  Their arrangements are luxurious, beautiful, and long lasting.  I currently have beautiful tulips from LDF in a vase by my bedroom window brightening my dreary mornings.
Contact LDF Floral and Event Design to order your flowers tomorrow, Friday, May 20th by calling 212.269.2888 or feel free to stop by their adorable shop in the Financial District to make your customized order.  And make sure to say hello to Hilary, the lovely owner and one of my new favorite ladies downtown!  LDF Floral and Events. 74 Pearl St.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Single Girl’s Survival Guide: Bridal Showers

Do those matching Kate Spade “His” and “Hers” glasses that you purchased for the bride remind you that you’re single (and also nauseous)?  Being a single girl at a bridal shower can evoke many emotions; jealousy, disinterest, envy, and even boredom.  As a self-proclaimed professional bridesmaid, I’ve hosted many a bridal shower: planned the silly themed games (yes, we made toilet paper wedding gowns), greeted guests as they arrived, scribed notes for each and every gift, all the while throwing back a few daytime cocktails.  Whether you’re working as a member of the bridal party or attending as a guest, here’s the Single Girl’s Survival Guide to Bridal Showers:

1. Keep the Bride Happy.  You will learn quickly that if the bride is smiling, you will be smiling too.  Make sure she has time to greet each guest, feels organized as she opens her gifts, is hydrated with glasses of water, and is handed an alcoholic beverage or two, so she can brave her bossy future mother-in-law.

2. Keep the Mother-of-the-Bride Happy.  Mama Cougar will be feeling stressed and possibly anxious for this brunch to go off without a hitch.  She is hoping that the women of her family, as well as her daughter’s future in-laws’ family, are impressed and having fun.  Help her out with any small task (i.e. passing out pens at each table for a game of Bridal Bingo), keep her in the loop of any plans or surprises the bridesmaids have in store, and compliment her on her beautiful dress and slim figure.

3. Buy a Lovely Gift.  Wedding gifts tend to be pricey, but remember that the bride will be so thankful to have pieces of her dream china to host her first Christmas that she will remember to return the favor when you’re engaged to Mr. Right.  Also, being recognized by the bride in front of all of the women in attendance regarding you’re a-mazing gift will be a little confidence booster (because duh, this single girl may not have a man, but she knows how to shop for the best of the best in luxury goods).

4. Sit with Single Ladies.  If you’re seated at a table of all married women and new mothers, the conversation might revolve around breast pumps and their new homes in the Hamptons.  With all of this chatter, a single girl can feel left out.  Make sure to locate your fellow unattached gals, and sneak to a corner table with them to dish on your Cinco de Mayo one night stand, the new pair of Louboutins you snagged at this week’s sample sale, and the debauchery that went down at the pool in Le Bain late Saturday night.  This mini break of single city girl gossip will remind you you’re not a weirdo freak without a man.

5. Get Tipsy.  If all else fails, drink more than your share of mimosas until watching the opening of houseware gifts becomes entertaining.

How do you survive bridal showers? xo

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Plan a Staycation

You've finally been at your job long enough to earn a decent amount of vacation days, but your savings account has dwindled from your months of (f)unemployment in the Big Apple.  What’s a savvy city gal to do?  Plan a Staycation!  When you live in one of the most exciting cities in the world, sometimes you are so busy that you miss out on events, culture, and activities that are just a hop, skip, and a subway ride away.  Enjoy your days out of the office with these vacation-like activities without the expensive flight or an annoying tour guide.

1. Sleep in:  This may seem too obvious, but give yourself the beauty rest you deserve.  Shut off the daily alarm on your Blackberry and enjoy some extra shut eye before you begin your day or week of your Staycation.

2. Chill at a Coffee Shop: Always jealous of those writers, musicians, and trust fund kids who can spend hours at that adorable Italian coffee shop on your corner?  Well, for a few hours you can be one of them.  Bring that novel you’ve been meaning to finish, order a skim latte, and let your imagination wander.  Or people watch all of the interesting characters who are lucky enough to spend their days outside of an office.

3. Mingle at a Museum: Do you find yourself talking about the latest exhibit at the New Museum or always cancel plans to learn about the history of the Lower East Side at the Tenement Museum?  Now is your chance to leisurely admire the classics at the Met or trends at the MOMA.

4. Be a Beach Babe: It may not be Miami, but the Long Island and New Jersey beaches are only a train ride away, and provide warm sunshine, crashing waves, and sand between your toes.

5. Serenity at a Spa: When the only massage you’ve had the time (or the money) to enjoy is the extra ten minute rub-down after a pedicure at your local nail salon, it’s time you book yourself an hour Swedish massage at a luxury spa.  Or try a facial in preparation for next weekend’s wedding, where you’ll need to shine as the sexiest bridesmaid to get the Best Man’s attention on the dance floor.

6. Work it Out: Wonder who’s around to take spin or yoga classes during the late morning?  Join the stay-at-home moms, NYU students, and aspiring actresses at the afternoon classes at your gym.

7. Discount Shop: Hate the Saturday afternoon crowd at Forever 21?  This is your time to leisurely wander through the store, try on outfits without waiting in the long line, then text your friends the photos, who can give you the “yay” or “nay” on your potential date outfits while they sit in their offices awaiting your fashion photos.

8. Ladies Who Lunch: Never seem to find the time to enjoy lunch on weekdays with your best gal pal?  Meet one of your girlfriends for a salad or sushi during her break by her office.  She will welcome eating anywhere other than in front of her computer, and spending an hour sharing gossip will brighten both your days.

9. Doctor, Doctor: Yes, booking a doctor’s appointment doesn’t sound like an ideal Staycation activity, but with our busy city lives, a trip to the dermatologist to clear up your adult acne hasn’t been on the top of your weekday priority list. So, get your booty into your gyno’s office for a pap and blood test before sleeping with that new cutie.   And visit your allergist to finally get a prescription for your seasonal allergies.

10. Matinee Movie: Remember those afternoons as a pre-teen viewing a discounted movie with your friends before a shopping trip at the mall?  You can relive those cheap movie dates by visiting your local theater for a noon showing, armed with that large bucket of buttery popcorn and Sour Patch Kids you've been craving, without feeling guilty (or embarrassed) to indulge in those calories or to laugh out loud at JLo movies.

How do you plan a Staycation? xo

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Korilla BBQ Truck

Food trucks have been all the rage over the past year or so in the city, as they have taken the traditional food carts of hot dogs and halaal chicken to new heights on wheels.   The quality and variety of cuisines range from sweets at The CupcakeStop to savory bites at the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck.
Korilla BBQ is my newest favorite for your break out of the office.  The menu is made up of burritos, tacos and chosun bowls with Korean-inspired fillings.  If you’re counting calories and don’t want to blow it all on lunch, order a Chosun Bowl ($8) with tofu, sticky rice, an assortment of veggies (including shiitake mushrooms, mung bean, and soy bean sprouts), with a Korean hot sauce (mild or k-illa).
When in need of a hangover cure or a filling meal after a morning of bootcamp-style workouts, the Ribeye of the Tiger Burrito ($7) is a must-order.  Marinated black angus ribeye steak is topped with red kimchi, korilla sauce, shredded monterey jack cheese, tomato salsa, and red leaf lettuce.  Trust me when I suggest to replace the sticky rice with B.K.F.R. (bacon and kimchi fried rice) for an extra $1.  You will be in fat kid heaven.   The Korilla BBQ Truck moves daily, so check out their weekly locations for lunch or dinner service on their website and follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

What is your favorite food truck? xo

(images via Serious Eats)

Unwanted Advances

How many times do you get catcalled or flirted with on your way to the office in the morning?  Today alone I was offended on 8 separate occasions - from the man on my block who tells me I'm "beautiful" every morning as he sweeps his stoop, to a homeless drug addict in Tompkins Square Park whose comment I can't even print on my blog, to a teen on the A train from the wrong side of the tracks who couldn't get enough of my curves.

Don't men understand that the ogling, stares, and blatant sexual comments make us uncomfortable?  Women are not flattered by these "compliments", but offended. Yelling at me from your truck window will not result in getting my number, I can promise you that.  Why can't a sexy, beautiful woman dress as she pleases in a cotton summer dress or fitted jeans without being harassed?  What's a girl to do other than ignore these remarks?  And why is it that the cutie who catches your eye at the coffee shop each morning won't actually approach you to strike up a conversation?  It's always the unwanted attention that women get on a daily basis from the most perverted characters.

What undesirable comments have men said to you? xo

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taste of Tribeca 2011

Ten well-known chefs.  Ten courses.  Ten of Tribeca’s best restaurants.  Was I on the set of a new Food Network reality show?  No, just an attendee at the Taste of Tribeca press preview lunch on May 4th.  Even as a major foodie, I was in for an overwhelming afternoon of indulgence.  With my efforts to make it to yoga class in the morning, and to only have a Greek yogurt for breakfast, I still left the press preview painfully stuffed (yet, blissfully happy).  The Taste of Tribeca is an annual event (celebrating its 17th year) to benefit P.S. 150 and P.S. 234.  Seventy-five restaurants will set up shop this year on May 21st, where attendees will choose six tastes for each ticket (advanced tickets are $40).  For the first time, there will also be a cocktail party on May 17th at Macao Trading Co. from 6-9pm for $75 per ticket, which includes a ticket to the actual Taste of Tribeca event.
The press preview was held at Toro Lounge in the basement of Plein Sud within the Smyth Hotel (speaking of reality television, yes, the Karadashian sisters did rent the penthouse).  Plein Sud's Chef Ed Cotton welcomed everyone as they arrived, noting the strong sense of community among Tribeca neighborhood restaurants: “If I run out of something - sugar, flour, white anchovies, whatever - I can run over to Marc Forgione and borrow some.”  Joking aside (and a few sips of white wine down, because why not get a little tipsy during your lunch break?), the tasting began.  As each course was served, the chef who created the dish came out to describe what were about to enjoy.  You may recognize many of these local chefs, such as the 2010 Iron Chef winner Marc Forgione, Next Iron Chef contestant Jehangir Mehta, and Chopped judge Marc Murphy.  The preview was delicious and truly highlighted what a ticket holder can expect at Taste of Tribeca.  I honestly would not be able to choose just six items to enjoy at the event.
We started with a Pork Rillette (herbed mayonnaise and a pickle) from Chef Ed Cotton of Plein Sud.  This mini sandwich melted in your mouth as it was packed with tender meat.
A Crab Bruschetta was served next from Chef John Sierp of M1-5, which left my coworker and foodie friend Kris Alcantara speechless.  For a restaurant known for “bar food”, the fresh lump crab meat resting on chopped tomatoes and a crispy toast was much more gourmet than one would expect.
Mehtaphor’s Chef Jehangir Mehta introduced his Spiced Kababob, which was the perfect bite-sized Indian-style meatball.
For a Mexican treat, we were served Taco’s de Carnitas (with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa) that had the right amount of kick from Chef Aaron Sanchez and Chef Angel Tenesaca of Centrico.
Stuzzicheria, known for their meatballs, brought Chef Ron Suhanosky’s Chicken Liver Crostini, which was too strong for my palate, but was enjoyed by my fellow editors and bloggers.
Chef Ralpheal of Thalassa treated us to an Olive Oil Cured Diver Scallop over Caviar Mousse.  As a seafood lover, this dish was one of my favorites of the afternoon.  The Scallop was right-off-the-boat fresh and I could have eaten a second.
For a heavy, creamy pasta dish, Chef Rocco Cadolini of Roc served Orecchiette with Spicy Sausage and Butternut Squash.  Of course I could barely take more than a few bites this late in the tasting, but I enjoyed each morsel I could stuff down.  This meal would be the ultimate comfort food.
The best course of the day was served next by Marc Forgione.  A Buffalo Prime Rib (with Ramp Chimichurri, Pomme Fondant) was cooked to medium-rare perfection, served along with a Steak Tartare that sang sweet and sour notes.  This dish alone is worth purchasing a $40 ticket for.
When the two dessert courses were served, everyone was beyond full, but couldn’t resist sampling the chocolate focused treats.  Chef Marc Murphy of Landmarc brought S’mores Cookies, which would make any kid (or any adult yearning for their childhood days) a happy camper.  These chewy and gooey chocolate chunk and marshmallow cookies were better than anything the Girl Scouts have to offer.
The final course was a Warm Molten Chocolate Cake from Chef Madeline Carvalho Lanciani of Duane Park Patisserie.  The best (and possibly only) way to describe this rich fudgy dessert, that had all of the ladies at my table in awe, is to state that it serves as the ultimate food-gasm.

Foodies of New York City, mark your calendars for May 21st and be prepared to enjoy some of the best food from some of the city’s brightest chefs downtown at Taste of Tribeca.

Order Taste of Tribeca tickets here.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Food Network Star Marcela Valladolid at Agave

(Photograph by Pamela Gillin)
My friends at Gilt City really know how to throw a party.  On May 4th, they invited members to spend the evening at Agave, a West Village staple, to enjoy a lively taco pop-up dinner for 150 guests created by the lovely Marcela Valladolid, the host of The Food Network’s Mexican Made Easy.  The adorable and bubbly Marcela bounced around chatting with diners and posing for photos, while they sipped refreshing Sauza margaritas that complimented her array of light and fresh tacos, while dancing to the beats of a live mariachi band.  The space was packed with groups of pretty girlfriends and handsome gentlemen getting both tipsy and full.
(Photograph by Pamela Gillin)
 “It’s easy to lose sight of what traditional Mexican cuisine is when we’re surrounded by inauthentic dishes such as overflowing burritos and nachos drowning in liquid cheddar cheese,” Chef Valladolid writes.  Her tacos were simply delicious.  The tamarind-braised veal shoulder with roasted apple and tomatillo salsa was a crowd pleaser.  I devoured the tequila marinated steak taco with avocado and tomatoes, covered in melted cheese.
For more exclusive pop-ups, events, and deals that fit your luxurious New York City lifestyle, visit Gilt City.
(Sarah, Marcela, Me)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Night of Tequila and Lucha Libre

Happy Cinco de Mayo NYC!
What’s a better way to celebrate than with a night of complimentary tequila, cool live music, and of course, Mexican wrestling?  Vice Magazine is teaming up with 1800 Tequila and their Essential Artists series to throw a crazy bash at Good Units tonight from 9pm – 2am.  This event is free, so you can get your drink on without worrying about more than tipping your bartender as you shake your booty and rock out.  Throw on your favorite heels (hell, combat boots are also approp) and head on over to the party early to get in line.  This night is gonna get weird.  
Good Units at Hudson Hotel.  356 W.58th St.

Hope you're already on the RSVP list!

How will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? xo

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Review: Social Eatz

Celebrity Chef Angelo Sosa of Top Chef fame recently opened Social Eatz, a casual Midtown restaurant serving American comfort food with an Asian twist.  With a bright orange and yellow color scheme and backless benches against long tables, this spot is perfect for an after-work dinner with coworkers or for a no-pressure first date.  During my visit only non-alcoholic beverages were being sold, including a delicious ginger beer, as they are awaiting to launch a cocktail menu soon.  All of the plates are reasonably priced, and perfect for ordering a few to share.
Make sure to start with the Smoked Ribs (St. Louis pork ribs marinated in mesquite-smoked tamarind with a pineapple bbq sauce laced with gochujang, an aged Korean pepper sauce) for slow cooked perfection.  As a girl who has never had any shame biting meat right off the bone (yes, I loved ordering baby back ribs when out to dinner with my parents in middle school), these were melt-in-your-mouth and one of the best dishes of the evening.
If you’re looking to lighten your meal with some greens, try the Chop-Chop Salad With Tangerine Vinaigrette (bite-size cut romaine, mixed with avocado and tomato, sugar snap peas, shrimp and a six-minute egg, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and the tangy juice of a tangerine).  For those French Fry lovers out there, order a side of the Fries with Sake Cheese sauce.  Reminiscent of the best hangover remedy ever (McDonald’s fries), these babies are dusted in a house seasoning, served with mild, melty cheese sauce that beats out Velveeta any day.   With my obsession over the wings at Croxley's, I tend to be a critic when trying them anywhere else.  The Hot Wings (glazed in a sauce of tamarind, garlic, shallots, palm sugar and togarashi, a Japanese spice blend of red chili, roasted orange peel and black sesame) are crispy, spicy and sweet.  Wings with an Asian flair were a delicious change to my usual favorite.
The Imperialist Hot Dog (made with organic chicken, served on a toasty bun, smothered in sweet and spicy relish) is a signature menu item.  Both savory and sweet, this dog is much more gourmet than what you’ll find at Yankee Stadium.

Visit this celebrity restaurant done right for an unpretentious dinner with your platonic guy friend or to meet your roomies once you leave your midtown office when you’re too hungry to wait until you get to your apartment downtown.  And once they start serving booze, this nightlife girl will be visiting frequently.
Social Eatz. 232 E. 53rd St.

Photos by Sarah Spigelman

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

La Vie Lounge Grand Opening

Sexy plush red couches, hanging primary colored chandeliers, and exotic music give La Vie Lounge in the East Village a Marrakech-vibe for both the after work and late night crowds.  Sweet cocktails and Moroccan specialties created by Executive Chef Momo Terien were served at the Official Grand Opening private party and tasting event last Thursday evening.  Belly dancers armed with castanets stole the show with an impromptu performance.
If you’re looking for a solid happy hour deal, visit La Vie from 6-10pm, 7 days a week for $4 sangria, $3 select beers, and $6 well drinks.  Hookah for $15 and a full French-Moroccan dinner menu are also offered.  Live entertainment including international music nights and belly dancers are featured throughout the week and the new dinner menu is now available for late night dining, offered until 3am, 7 days a week.  So grab your best girlfriends for happy hour in the VIP section or your crush for dinner, and head to the East Village’s newest Middle Eastern inspired haunt, La Vie Lounge.
La Vie Lounge. 64 East 1st Street.

La Vie Lounge on Urbanspoon

Monday, May 2, 2011

Do's and Don'ts: Online Dating Photos

As I recently mentioned here, I have yet to try online dating.  But, so many of my girlfriends are meeting men in the virtual world.  If you're a dude searching for a relationship online, please follow these Do's and Don'ts when posting photos to attract the ladies.
DON'T post 12 self taken photos in a mirror or in front of your laptop.  Really, you don’t have any friends or family that you take pictures with or that have taken a picture of you?  Makes me wonder - do you have friends?

DO Crop your friends out of photos.  Let's be honest, you would feel shitty if I messaged you asking about your hot friend wouldn't you?  And well, I just might.

DON’T post pictures of you with a sexy girl.  Yes, that may be your sister, but unless you clarify this, I am going to think the blonde bimbo standing next to you with her vajayjay practically falling out of her dress is your friend that I have to compete with, and I don’t have the time or energy (or the equally slutty clothing).

DON’T post a picture of you in your underwear or with your pants so low that I can practically see your you-know-what.  Although you do have a sick body, it doesn’t make me feel better about mine and it sure as hell does not make me want to immediately take my clothes off and walk around naked in front you.  I won’t be able to do that until I hit the gym for at least 6 months.  Also, where's the mystery if I've already been this close to your dick?

DO post pictures of you close up.  Let’s be honest, I am most likely looking at your photo to see if I'm even attracted to you before I start reading about you and your life.  If I can’t see a picture of you do you really think I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you’re really hot?  The picture is far away because of how ugly you actually are, right?

DON’T post pictures of random things.  I don’t care what your apartment looks like, how nice your car is or what the Egyptian pyramids look like.

DO post more than one photo.   Epecially if it’s with you and a buddy.  I might assume you are the other guy and when I find out the truth, I may be disappointed if your bro is hotter.

DON’T post a million pictures.  I think I get it after 3 or 4.  You're just in love with yourself aren’t you?

What do you love or hate about online dating profile photos? xo

Guest Blogger: Marisa
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