Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Roommate Hookups

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In the world of relationships, dating your friend’s ex is the biggest no-no.  But, dating your roommate should be a close second.  Even though the first is more evil, it can only leave you friendless, while room-mating just might leave you homeless in Tompkins Square Park.  No matter how well some people know the risks, they can’t avoid moving in, then falling in love.  I’ve got a male roommate whom I adore.  He’s reliable, clean, caring, and will sit through endless episodes of Gossip Girl.  As a roomie he is pretty perfect.  Before he moved in last year, I had yet to live with a guy.  I’ve always known that this type of living situation could only work if we were just friends.  As he is like a big brother, I’m lucky to have him and no drama.

But, what if you find yourself head-over-heels for the cutie in the next bedroom?  The blunt (and best) advice is to ignore those feelings until you are no longer cohabitating.  A drunken night of sex with the dude on the other side of your wall can make for an awkward morning-after if he doesn’t soberly share your feelings of attraction.  If he happens to reciprocate your feelings, it can still go sour.  The romantic mystery that goes along with dating someone new is completely lost when you already know his quirks.  And there is really no way to get away from him for some alone time, as you must see each other every morning and night.  If you do start a relationship with your roommate, you should consider changing your living situation once the lease is up (or as quickly as possible).  Even if you’re one of the exceptions whose relationship goes well for a while as both roommates and lovers, if you breakup, you’ll be miserable living with your ex.  Won’t you feel jealous once you both start dating other people?  His new girl will literally be in your personal space.

Would you date a roommate? xo


  1. You must have to take a lot of cold showers. Your roommate sounds like an officer and a gentleman.

  2. Forbidden fruit? What if he is your Dan Humphrey? I guess that is a secret you will never tell! xoxo


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