Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Review: Rockography

Are you a rock n’ roll music buff who isn’t satisfied with the mediocre and overpriced food at Hard Rock Café?  I’d like to introduce you to Rockography.  This music themed Greenwhich Village diner, heavy on the gourmet version of your favorite childhood junk food is laid-back, cool and blasting with tunes.
Make sure to begin with a strong and delicious cocktail (or two…).  Because who couldn’t use a stiff drink to start off your night on the right note?  Rockography pays tribute to classic rock’s legendary musicians with a signature cocktail menu inspired by the “guitar gods”.  The Comfortably Numb (Bulldog Gin, St. Germaine, Myer Lemon, Fresh Sour) is light, citrusy, and smooth, yet you can’t miss the strong spike of top shelf liquor.  If you’ve got a sweet tooth and live for chocolate, order the Stairway to Heaven (Grey Goose Espresso, Café De Creme, Nutella) a creamy and almost too dangerously easy-to-drink cocktail.  Who says you can’t enjoy your dessert before your meal?  If champagne is your thing, the Less Conversation (42 Below Passion Fruit, Champagne, Passion Fruit Puree, Cranberry Juice, Fresh Sour) is a must-order.  For the sexy straight man in your crew, who refuses to sip his alcohol from a martini glass, he can enjoy a beer in a bag with a shot on the side.
If you’re up for an indulgent shareable appetizer, the dirty chips are the only way to go.  Kettle cooked potato chips drown in homemade Velveeta cheese, blue cheese, bacon, tomatoes and scallions.  Popcorn replaces the traditional pre-dinner bread.  It’s freshly popped, lightly buttered, and salty, and they will gladly refill the bucket to line your stomach from all of alcohol you’ll be drowning your system with.
The F.U. Burger (a 16 oz. burger specialty topped with mixed iceberg lettuce, fried tomato, onion rings, maple bacon, pickles, fried egg, Velveeta sauce, sesame seed bun, served with a side of tator tots) needs to be shared with your gal pals, or inhaled by a dude.  This charbroiled patty blends with the salty yet sweet bacon, a drippy gooey egg, melted sharp cheese, tart pickles, crispy onion rings, and a few veggies, so you can pretend this isn’t a heart attack waiting to happen.  The crispy tator tots will remind you of the best part of elementary school lunch (or college brunch as a hungover sorority girl).
Are you a peanut butter lover?  The Fried PB&J (with raspberry jam) is somehow light as the bread has the consistency of a pastry shell.  Served with an ice cold pint of milk (yes, in a tiny kindergarten-sized milk carton) and chips, this meal will transport you back to 1990.

Don’t show up at Rockography without an empty stomach.  The whole menu is heavy and indulgent.  Ask for Barry to ensure you get a sweet, funny and enthusiastic server who has the menu memorized and can answer any question with ease.  And he is also adorably handsome, so that doesn’t hurt.  Rockography. 504 6th Ave.

*Note: My meal was paid for by the restaurant.  I was not paid or required to write a review, and my opinions are my own.

(Images via Sarah Spigelman)

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