Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lemon Spa Luxury at Trevi Nails

As a Downtown girl-about-town who loves a good deal, I tend to purchase spa packages from deal sites like Gilt City, Lifebooker or even Groupon.  The Best Cheap Nail Salons in the East Village are generally where I head for my bi-weekly mani/pedis.  But, when you’re looking to splurge on your nails before a big event or want to treat yourself to a couple hours of relaxation, head to Trevi Nails.  This clean and brightly decorated nail spa is a bustling salon where both Grand Central Station commuters and Murray Hill princesses rush to get their nails perfected.

I was treated to the Lemon Spa Pedicure and Manicure for a delightful indulgence.  Although this package is a bit expensive, at over $80, it was well worth the price tag!  Enjoy over an hour of massages with oils, lotions, and a hot stone, as well as lemon based exfoliates to rid the dry, flaky skin on your legs and feet to prepare for spring sandals.   The ladies on staff are all friendly, welcoming, and polite.  Chat about current celeb gossip, shopping, or your silly ex with your manicurist.  Or just close your eyes and appreciate the massages and scrubs.  With a wide variety of Essie and OPI polishes available, you will most certainly find the color that fits your mood, style, or seasonal preferences.

If you’re looking to book a birthday party or bachelorette, inquire about reserving the basement floor for a private party for your ladies, which will be open by this summer, just in time for all of the summer birthdays and June brides.

Where do you go for luxury nail service? xo


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