Friday, April 8, 2011

Beautiful Disaster

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He’s trouble.  Abuses alcohol.  Sleeps in too late.  Dabbles in drugs.  And always has a cocky attitude.  But, he is oh-so-sexy.  I’m guilty of falling for my share of bad boys.  What is their appeal anyway?  If a guy isn’t boyfriend material, why do we stick around?  Dating in NYC is tough enough.  With the uneven ratio of single men to single women, dating a guy who’s living on the edge is a waste of your time.  Even with this knowledge, we still seem to fall hard.  Is it the game he plays that keeps you interested?  Or is it the idea that you’re never really sure if he’s under your spell or searching for the next pretty young thing?  When there is a chase involved, you can’t help but want to catch him.

Have you ever fallen hard for a beautiful disaster? xo


  1. The drugs keep me interested. Just kidding, but I like sleeping in late, too =)

  2. who told you to use a picture of the eternal bad boy on this post? they're a GENIUS!!

  3. Hah! There were beautiful disasters in my day, too!!


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