Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Top Reasons to Live in NYC

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1. You're never, ever bored
There's always a restaurant opening to try, adorable boutiques to shop in, museum exhibits to view, a latest new workout craze to get your sweat on, spa services to indulge in, and bars are open until 4am.

2. Cabs 
You’ll never get a DUI like Paris Hilton in LA.  Cabs safely get your drunk booty home.

3. Food Glorious Food
In just the blocks around my apartment I can dine out for Thai, Indian, Italian, Greek, Cuban, Japanese, Argentinean, seafood, German, Spanish tapas, Middle Eastern, wings/bar food, French, Dominican, burgers, Polish, and soul food.  There are even restaurants that specialize in only one thing (mac n cheese, hot dogs, dumplings, crepes, pomme frites, and cupcakes) within walking distance.

4. Fashion
Where in the burbs can you rock combat boots with a sequined mini?

5. Delivery
Seriously, one can get anything delivered.  When I had mono a few years back, the bodega on my corner dropped off saltines, Gatorade, and Tylenol (thanks Sunny and Annie's!).  Even the McDonald’s delivers.  And yes, that's embarrassing.

6. Doormen
If you're as lucky to have them as I am, they sign for your packages, stop that creepy stranger from getting into the elevator, hold your dry cleaning, and so much more. My mornings wouldn't be as delightful without a chat about telenovelas with Diego or as mortifying without sneaking a new boy past Mac late at night.

7. Central Park
Summer weekends of picnics, drinking, frisbee, or reading a good book while lying out in Central Park make you feel like you’ve escaped the concrete jungle for a few hours without taking a train to the country.

8. Rooftops
My rooftop is one of the best in the East Village.  I've thrown birthday parties, wine tastings, and cookouts and even enjoyed a romantic Italian feast with an ex in the late spring.  With a killer view of both the uptown skyline and the Manhattan Bridge, there is nothing like access to a sexy Manhattan rooftop.

9. Melting Pot
You’ll make friends from different states (and even countries) with ethnic backgrounds you’ve never encountered during your childhood in a tiny beach town.   Euro princes will hit on you at Southside, your friend from Japan can instruct you on the proper way to use chopsticks, attending Passover at your Jewish friend’s apartment is a delicious experience, and that coworker from New Jersey always invites you to her parents’ for a cookout and pool party during the hot summer months to escape your sweltering walkup for an afternoon.  As a Catholic girl from the suburbs, New York City has opened my eyes to amazing people that have influenced my views, personal culture, and tastes.

10. Nightlife
Where else can you party until 4am?  The hottest (and sometimes secret) bars downtown are the place to be.  Dance until the sun comes up when Paul Sevigny spins, get photographed by Patrick McMullan, casually bump into celebs at Goldbar's Sunday Funday and remember your work hangover was well worth it.  You'll never get to live this life again.

What are your top reasons to live in NYC? xo


  1. You've named a handful!
    I love how NICE new Yorkers are. Granted there are some sour grapes in the bunch but 9 times out of 10 new yorkers are amoung the nicest I know.
    Also, walking! New yorkers can WALK anywhere! When i have friends visiting from out of town i tell them to wear their most comfy kicks cuz we are walking. They hate me when we are doen and never understand how i can walk miles in timberland boots. "its NYC baby- i was born walking this city!"

    and Shake Shack.

  2. Aww you totally took my idea! hehe I was going to post "A love letter to NYC" this week. These are all great reasons... overall I'm constantly inspired by NYC. You could also say when you're single you can date the city :p

  3. I'm a new follower and I love your list. But who says I can't rock the boots and my sequin mini out here in the burbs'?? Okay, I can't, but right now I'd kill for a hummus plate from Nanoosh....delivered.

  4. I love this! I have always wanted to live in NYC but people constantly tell me I will be way too overwhelmed because I am so used to Boston. I love the part about fashion. I hate how I cant wear out in my town ( a burb of boston) a lot of my clothes because I can only imagine the looks I would get! I get enough looks when I wear my cowboy boots around haha. Im happy you love it there.




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