Monday, March 14, 2011

Tony Lucca at Joe's Pub

I've found my newest music crush.  Sigh. 

My darling friend Sam and I share the same taste in music (Our Glee themed Halloween costumes truly say it all), so when she mentioned that Tony Lucca, a singer/songwriter whom she’s loved for years would be performing at Joe’s Pub, I knew I needed to be there.  

We enjoyed Firefly sweet tea cocktails as we fell in love with Tony.  His strong vocals and romantic lyrics, reminded me of Gavin DeGraw or Jason Mraz.  I am clearly now swooning.  “Anchored” quickly became my favorite of his songs, as I have over played it so much in the past week, most normal people would be sick of it.  His cover of Billy Joel’s “Vienna” got me hooked.  

This talented musician played both guitar and piano during the concert, which always impresses me.  Growing up performing in musicals and singing jazz music, any singer who plays multiple instruments earns my respect.  And it doesn’t hurt that he’s adorably cute too.  This married man and father to a baby girl, writes his lyrics from his personal experiences and emotions.  Who wouldn’t love a guy who writes songs for his daughter?  If only I can marry an artistic type just like this talented performer one day.  Now, I’m officially a Tony Lucca fan. 

Who’s your music crush? xo

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