Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday Funday at Goldbar

In the know party kids head out on Sunday nights in New York City to hit up Jonny Lennon’s Funday party at Goldbar.  For the last few years, the wild weekly bash has steadily grown into an international brand, with offshoots in France, Miami, Las Vegas and at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.  The musically driven, alcohol fueled parties are so packed that guests often have to slip through the crowded room just to make it to their tables and can’t avoid brushing up against sexy strangers as they dance.   

This past Sunday Funday was a special night, as it was the birthday celebration of Kristina Marino of The Downtown Diaries.  This nightlife princess seriously knows how to party.  Jonny Lennon presented the birthday bash with music by Jesse Marco, DJ Sinatra, and DJ Theory.  Now, most responsible (and sane) twenty-somethings would stay in on a Sunday evening, but they risk missing an epic night of music, dancing, and full out debauchery.  After a private (and delicious) dinner at Rubirosa, Kristina and her crew arrived at Goldbar around 11:30pm.  For those of you who frequent Goldbar, you know this is a little early for the fun to begin, but with her friends, the party quickly follows.  We got situated at our table and began enjoying bottle service as the party started to take off.   The mix of current pop hits to 90’s favorites kept the young and beautiful crowd dancing in their stilettos until early Monday morning.  Sunday Funday at Goldbar is an event not to be missed.   The Monday morning hangover is more than worth it.     

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