Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Manbag

As city girls, it's second nature to carry a huge purse (or multiple bags) all day long. Your cross body Chanel may be light, but it's rare to be wearing that alone.  Women must carry what they need for the day ahead from the moment they step out of their apartment, until they arrive home at the end of a long day.  You can’t forget your lunch, makeup bag, umbrella, gym clothes, sunglasses, iPad, yoga mat... and the list goes on.  

With the subway and cabs being your modes of transportation, you've got no choice but to carry your belongings. That is, until you find yourself a Mr. Big with a town car.  But, until that glorious day, we must lug everything around, while making an effort to still look fabulous as we huff, puff, and grunt.  So how do men schlep their stuff around the streets?  Over the past few years, guys in the big city have become unafraid to rock a Manbag.  Wonder what these male accessories say about the sexy guy who carries them?  There may be a lot you can tell about a man by the bag he carries…

Back-to-School Backpack: This young-at-heart guy might just find this type of bag to be easy to carry, comfortable on his shoulders, and no-fuss.  Or he may be immature. I was seeing a guy who always had a backpack with him, from the bars at happy hour to our early morning commutes together. Those North Face backpacks take me back to my days in the dorm.  He was irrational, irresponsible, and a little crazy. Maybe his Manbag of choice should have been a red flag?

Rugged Leather or Canvas Backpack: This trendier version of the backpack your guy wore by his locker in 2002 carries his kindle and change of clothes from last night’s date. A guy who sports this Manbag may be a fashion conscious hipster or the laid back artsy type. He transports his stuff on his back without looking like he’s 18, while keeping his straight manhood intact.

Cross Body Leather Messenger: This metrosexual look is polished and put together. This is the true Manbag or “Murse”. Judge all you like, but this guy wants to look good, while lugging his iPad, favorite book, and a cardigan for his chilly office.  He could be pretentious and have a love for Jack Spade. Or he may just be mature and going for a professional look.   

Laptop Case: The man who carries this around could be a techy nerd, finance douchebag, production freelancer, or mysterious writer. With this type of bag, you must also observe his attire to make your superficial judgment. Is he wearing an expensive suit? Or skinny jeans, plaid, and Ray Bans?

Canvas tote: This environmentally friendly guy is going green. Or he just wants a cheap and non-flashy way to lug his crap around town.

Fanny pack: This man is an ironic hipster from way out in Brooklyn. Or a fabulous gay.  Let’s hope it’s the latter. And it’s a Gucci.

Duffel bag: This athletic guy makes hitting the gym a priority. He brings this Manbag to and from work, so he can get in his cardio and bench pressing time before or after his office hours. He may even play on a recreational sports team. This cutie is health conscious and can time manage his workouts before drinks with his buddies.

Just his wallet: This manly man sticks his wallet and keys in his back pocket and sports his sunglasses. He either won’t be caught dead with a Manbag or he’s so chill that he doesn’t need much to enjoy his time around the city.

Have you ever judged a guy by his Manbag?  xo


  1. i have mostly endured men who either carried a book bag or a messenger bag...
    and the occasional hipster with a canvas tote. but he was at the farmers market buying veggies and i thought it was so sexy lol.
    im lame!

  2. Bwah, this is cracking me up, and Yes, totally I judge! Guys, if you're pulling your roller bag behind you I'm judging. I'm Ok with the messenger bag but a laptop bag has got to be stylish. And unfortunately I'm going to have to be ok with a backpack again b/c my husband is complaining that the messenger is killing his back!

  3. Oh, I so love a guy with a Manbag ~ any style!!

  4. haha I like a guy with a messenger bag or tote. I feel like backpacks are too immature, and serious duffels for the gym is a probably a juicehead :p

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