Monday, March 28, 2011

The Friends Every Girl Should Have

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Wing Woman: When you’re chatting with a sexy stranger at the bar, she’ll stay out past her bed time and entertain his less-than-cute friend.  She emails your crush to arrange a group outing, so you don’t have to invite him on a date.  Your Wing Woman will plot and plan for you because she knows you’ll do the same for her.

Fitness Friend: She wakes you up for 7am yoga, encourages you to order salad with salmon for lunch, and doesn’t drink every night.  This friend gives you the healthy kick-in-the-butt you need when you’ve been on a nightlife bender.

Spoiled Brat: Brought up on luxury handbags, exotic excursions, and dinners at the newest celebrity chef restaurants, she will introduce you to the finer things in life. Even if you can’t afford to live in her world 24/7, you’ll learn to love and appreciate the best of the best.

Discount Diva: She finds the most expensive looking pieces at Forever 21 that you always get compliments on, she isn't afraid to bring a Groupon to dins, and she is proud to have a healthy savings account after living in NYC for the past five years.  Her influence will help you to get your finances in check.

Feisty Fighter: She will defend you until the end.  As my spicy Staten Island fighter once told me, “I’d take a bottle in the face for you.”  Enough said.

Party Girl: Invited to the coolest events, this girl thinks she’s still the social chair of your sorority.  A girl-about-town, she is out drinking most week nights, and can go shot for shot with the boys.  She adds spontaneity and adventures to your most boring days.

Straight Dude: Gorge on wings and chug beers without embarrassment with this platonic buddy.   Chat about sports, new films, and everything that doesn’t include drama.  This guy can give honest advice on your crush’s behavior and help you to move in to your new walk-up studio.

Fabulous Gay: He is honest about your fashion and figure.  Whether sassy or sweet, a trendy and outgoing gay male friend will give you the advice that your girlfriends may be holding back.

Life-Fixer: This organized lady could run a personal assistant agency.  She helped you study for the bar exam, reminds you to pick up your laundry on the weekends, and is thriving in her career.  Lean on this future CEO to get our own life in order.

Honest Abe: No matter what you ask, she tells it like it is and doesn't sugar coat the bad news.  Her tough love approach is important when most friends will tell you what you want to hear just to make you happy and to avoid conflict.  Go to your Honest Abe when the truth matters most.

Married Lady: This woman has found the love of her life, and wants to help you find yours too. She sets you up with her husband’s lacrosse buddies, her dreamy male coworker, and that mysterious barista at her local coffee shop.  She's almost as much of a yenta as your mother.  Just don’t let her make your profile without sitting right next to her.

Little Mama: She can sew the button back on your Marc Jacobs blazer, bakes cupcakes for every brunch gathering, and is truly concerned for your well-being.  This motherly friend takes care of you when you can’t get to your real mom back home.

Comedian Cutie: Call this friend up when you need a good laugh.  She can turn any tragic situation into a skit from SNL.  When you need to see the bright side or make fun of your ex, turn to this funny diva.

Big Sis: As an older city lady, she is the real life Carrie Bradshaw.  She has owned her UWS apt for years, as well as a home in the Hamptons, only carries Chanel bags, and has dined at The Waverly Inn so many times they know her order.  This older and wiser woman has lived your 20-something life and survived (aka succeeded) to tell the tales.  She can offer the best advice on love and career in the big city.

Burbs Babe: Escape the mean streets of NYC to visit her huge apartment for a shopping trip at a mall then lunch at Panera.  Even the hippest Manhattanite needs a break in the simple burbs from time to time.

What type of friend are you? xo


  1. I am DEFinitely the "Life Fixer" and sometimes the Little Mama! Question in- which are YOU!??! :)

  2. It's true. We all need a mix of friends. I like to think I am the Chelsea Handler of my friends. Although her friends do support her "elaborations" a bit more than mine do ;)I like to bring the entertainment without bringing the drama :)

    Best blog yet Divalicious!!!

  3. I'd say I'm The Fitness Friend & The Married Lady. Love this post ~ one of your best ones yet!!

  4. Where is your promiscuous, flaky, pottymouth friend? Cause I'm pretty sure that's me...

  5. I think I'm a little of all of them! So many great personalities to choose from! :)

  6. oddly enough I am the fiesty fighter and the honest abe. If you look at me you would never pin me as the fighting type but I do not take any crap from any girl and I definitely never let my friends ever get pushed around. All my girlfriends know if theres an issue I will be the first to step in ( I would be lying if I told you this hasnt ever got me in ALOT of trouble... but I am who I am and thats that)

    I wrote a post similar to this about my best friend Brooke and I. The best part of our friendship is we are completely honest with each other and never get upset with each other for it. If I look awful in something or if Im being irrational she tells me and I love her for that.

    similar posts

    wonderful post as always Sarah :) You really did your research and put a lot of effort into this. I made all my friends read it. They agreed with the ones I thought I was.


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