Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cubicle Romance

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He’s handsome, makes you laugh, shares your industry passion, and brightens your day before you’ve even had your morning coffee.  He’s your work crush.  Swoon.  As office romances can be controversial, they can also be lovely.  Dating a superior can lead to issues with both HR and your career.  But, a relationship with a same-level coworker can have its positives.  You already share the same interests (television production, writing, finance, medicine…) as you’ve found yourself in the same field.  You’ve also developed a friendship cracking jokes during those boring Monday morning meetings and sharing a pitcher at the company happy hour once a month.  His stolen glances make your heart skip a beat when you’re working on a boring excel document.  Can this crush become your boyfriend?  Yes, if you take it slow.  No matter how attracted you are, make sure a drunken late night romp doesn’t occur after the office holiday party.  A one night stand with a coworker will most likely lead to embarrassment and possibly make you a hotter lunch topic with the girls in the next cubicle than the mess Lindsay Lohan has gotten herself into this week.  Build a friendship and discreetly flirt.  Make plans to get out of the office together to get to know each other in real life.  The way I see it, you most likely won’t work together forever, so why not let yourself fall for your work dream man?  

Have you ever had an office romance? xo


  1. office crushes are fair game. i have plenty.
    But i dont sh*t where i eat. I have seen it get messy.

  2. that'swhatshleysaid:)March 16, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    I like to think of myself as an expert in office romance. As a natural born no holds barre flirt, I find it impossible not to bat my eyelashes and sass my male counterparts. The only problem that comes from office romance is when other cooks sytep into the kitchen. I don't mean the competition, I mean the darling polish old ladies who remind you that at 27 you are passed the primetime to breastfeed. These ladies like to trick you and the handsome guy across the hall into obvious uncomfortable intimate situations. As much as the endearing shenangins make you giggle, the fanfaire and attention are his worst nightmare. So my advice is to keep the flirting and texting up but keep it between you and your cutie!!!

  3. awww this melts my heart because my work crush (as he was obviously know as to all my girlfriends) turned into my boyfriend. 4 1/2 years strong and still working / living together. The advice you give in this post is spot on :)

  4. My office "romance" is now my boyfriend of more than 2 years! We are madly in love with each other and seeing him at work every day is just the icing on the cake :) We are planning on moving into together in the next month and have all kinds of plans for engagements and marriages, etc. Ahh, love! :)

  5. Some companies have policies in place when it comes to office romance. You also have to be careful on this.


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