Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Best Bachelorette Parties

As your favorite professional bridesmaid, I’ve got the plans for your bachelorette covered with a night or weekend you’ll never forget.  Fellow maids of honor and bridesmaids, take note!

Beach Weekend: Whether you head to the dirty Jersey Shore to fist pump in Seaside or desire a classy Montauk trip, there’s lots of fun to be had on a beach weekend for a bachelorette getaway.  There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars flying your bride and all of her besties to Puerto Rico or Mexico.  Traveling just a few hours outside of Manhattan will shine the sun on your face and let you dig your toes in the sand.  All of the girls can pitch in for a rental beach house or a few hotel rooms within walking distance from the ocean.  Tanning, swimming, dinner, brunch, and dancing at the bars with her bachelorette party for a weekend, will give your bride a fabulous ladies-only escape from all of the wedding planning stress before her walk down the aisle.  

Clubs & Casinos: Is your bride a little wild?  Spend a night in Atlantic City or fly to Vegas for a weekend filled with gambling, clubs, and buffet dinners.  If you’re not up for the flight, drive or take a bus down to AC for dancing and bottle service at Mur Mur in the Borgata.  Or reserve a cabana at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s.  Yes, your bride will probably end up in the pool (with her dress still on) after a few too many vodka sodas, but this will provide you with the most embarrassing photos of her last night out as a single party girl.  

Boozy Brunch: For the Manhattan bride, who is just too busy with her CEO schedule to leave the island, plan a boozy brunch with her best girls at one of the popular unlimited drinking spots.  Spend hours throwing back mimosas or bloody marys at one of my favorites, such as Essex.

Wine Tasting: Buy a package deal for a bus ride out to the Hamptons, that includes wine tastings, lunch, and a ride back to get all of your drunk butts home.  Even in the burbs, a wine tasting can be a lovely bachelorette party!  For an Ohio wedding, I adored my time in Canton.  Sipping and sampling wines, enjoying appetizers, and laughing with her closest ladies will give your bride the tipsy send off from singledom that she deserves.

Bar Crawl & Scavenger Hunts: Was your bride the queen of college pub crawls?  She can relive her glory days with her crew stumbling around the West Village bars where she celebrated her 21st or the East Village dive bars where she met her first few one night stands.  Packages for bar crawls with themed scavenger hunts designed specifically with your bride in mind can be purchased from companies such as City Hunt.  Enjoy drink specials at each bar, while taking silly photos with the bridal party.

Private Dance Classes: Does your bride have secret desires to be a seductive stripper?  Or has she always been the sexiest dancer in your circle?  No matter how advanced her skills may be, book a private pole dance class for your bride and her bridesmaids.  Learn steamy moves that you can all use in your bedrooms (or at a trashy midtown club).  Your bride will let loose, laugh, and get her grove on.  And hey, the groom may benefit from this dance lesson.

Spa Day: Manicures, pedicures, massages, oh my!  Enjoy a day of relaxing in the sauna, a soothing facial, and gossip time in the jacuzzi with your best girls.  Your bride will feel pampered and relaxed.  And after all, she deserves to be treated like a princess before her big day.

What are your favorite bachelorette party plans? xo


  1. LOVE Gervasi!! :) :) ps - I would like a bar crawl please!! Ya 30 years when I get engaged! Loved the post Sar!

  2. what a great post! You covered all of the potential circumstances love! I would love the montauk weekend. After seeing how beautiful it was when Bethenny ( I have an unhealthy obsession with her) went there and how relaxing and classy it seemed I have added that to my list of vacations spots I MUST go to, and who knows perhaps it will be for my bachelorette party. I think that spending a huge amount of money for a bachelorette party is somewhat unnecessary because its the people there who matter and I personally like the more simple things, I think it makes for less drama and more memories :)

  3. love these ideas! I've done quite a few in my day, and have plenty more coming up so the ideas are much appreciated.


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