Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine's Day Gifts for The BFF

Single or attached, Valentine’s Day is a lovely time to show your girlfriends just how much you love them.  Your best girls have been there for you through it all: when you outgrew your college boyfriend, got your first job, deleted Mr. Right Now from your phone, struggled to pay rent on your tiny downtown apartment, stumbled into pizza joints at 4am (even though you were both off carbs for the week), switched careers, and analyzed texts from your current boy toy.  Celebrate your friendship with one of these darling gifts for your BFF:

Tickled Pink Cards from Kate Spade

Friendship Bracelets from Etsy

Momofuku Milk Bar Truffles (Birthday Cake is my fav)

Essie Smokin’ Hot Nail Polish

Uni K Wax Gift Card

Christian Dior Crème De Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm

Crumbs Bake Shop Valentine Oh La La Colossal Cupcake

How will you celebrate your best girlfriends? xo


  1. What do you get for your best guy friend that you are sort of in love with who asked you to have brunch with him on the 13th? The same guy friend you jokingly offered to makeout with if he wanted to. Also the same guy who didnt necessarily say no... or yes to said offer... I was thinking the offer of my lips was a good enough gift. But any suggestions for the "Hey, we're friends, but im in love with you and dont want to ruin what we have. Be my valentine, sort of" kind of gift?
    This is all hypothetical of course.
    (p.S. its Monique hahaha)

  2. i had to be incognito... for obvious reasons.

  3. Some great vday gift ideas at!!!

  4. Any 1 of these presents would be fab ~ are you reading this Mike??

  5. YOu never KNOW what that boy reads! he found my girly pink food blog...maybe hes into the downtown scene as well.
    IM paranoid!

  6. I already own the essie Smokin Hot and I love it thanks to another one of our bffs!!! I would love the bday truffles for my bday and/or valentines.... do you hear that jew crush????

  7. Um, nail polish and cupcakes... yes please! hehe Great list :)


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