Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Party Plane

Seeing as it’s Social Media Week, it seems to be the perfect time let you in on the Party Plane, if you weren’t already waiting in anticipation on the status of this brilliant idea.   Last month, a social media buzz phenomena went down when the princess of Downtown NYC Nightlife, Miss Kristina Marino, the creator of The Downtown Diaries, read this article, in which “DJs, promoters, label reps and ‘professional party people’ from the Netherlands” persuaded Dutch airline KLM to fly direct from Amsterdam to Miami for the WMC.  It all started with a tweet, KLM was down, and Fly2Miami was born.  So what is a Party Plane you might ask?  Well, Fly2Miami states on their website, “We can’t make everything public, but expect no O-juice but Mojito’s, a Pilot who’s a DJ, Goody-bags and a #Fly2Miami CD compilation…On our arrival in Miami we will be welcomed by KLM’s local office.  But it doesn’t stop there; no we’re arranging special information for you with the hottest parties in Miami Beach.” 

Of course, Kristina decided she could get her own Party Plane in the works.  She tweeted to JetBlue for a Party Plane for 150 of NYC’s nightlife players to get to Coachella 2011.  Every NYC party person, DJ, and promoter went bonkers over the possible idea and of course floods of tweets came in asking JetBlue to make this happen and to include them on this Party Plane.  I was with Kristina at dinner with her freelance writing team as she filled us in on the email JetBlue sent her just hours after her tweet. 

Help keep the idea alive and tweet: “I want to go on the @Jetblue #partyplane to @coachella with @downtowndiaries and @tastenyc (Because all the cool kids are doing it)

Show this amaze idea some love.  Maybe this dream will become a reality!  Oh the power of social media in the nightlife world… xo


  1. Really!?
    Sure wouldn't want to be the staff on that plane.

  2. Its the first time I've ever heard this kind of thing. Thank you very much.


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