Tuesday, February 1, 2011

No Strings Attached

Friends with benefits.  Casual dating.  No matter the label, sex without commitment almost never works.  Someone's feelings are bound to get hurt.  Even if you don't think he's boyfriend material, you may get jealous when you see him with another girl.  Women can't help but feel a level of affection for a man they are intimate with because of the chemicals released during the act.  But, women aren't the only ones who may get crushed.  I've seen men who have fallen for their sex buddy.  They may think this arrangement is perfect until they hear about a date she goes on or see her leave the bar with another guy.  

Is a no strings attached relationship ever worth it? xo

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  1. my first love started as something casual. obviously it didnt work... but we were together for 4 years.
    My coworker just married his F*ck buddy...and among others who started hitting hte sheets with their mates for fun and ended up getting really serious.
    Im starting to think casual sex is the new dating.
    My heart is in my v*gina... so casual sex is NOT for me.


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