Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is Romeo Online?

Valentine’s Day with Mr. Right Now didn't go as planned?  Or did you spend last night with your girlfriends because you deleted Mr. Wrong from your phone last week (for the second time)?   Well, you may be in luck as one of these dating websites could open the door to a new gentleman suitor!  I have to admit, that even though I love to date and write about it (obviously), I’ve yet to create a profile on a dating website.  Maybe this will be a future adventure for me…and my lovely readers can follow along! 

1.       Match is the largest & has the most diverse user base.  Users are allowed to perform their own searches.  There is a monthly fee, but I have friends who believe it is worth it, as they were sick of meeting boys in LES dive bars and stumbling home with them at 4am, only to wake up next to a one-night-stand who lacks boyfriend potential.  I have a friend who met her now husband on this site.  As a social butterfly PR girl in the big city, she wouldn’t have met her handsome lawyer without this site, as his long work hours and time with his buddies would have made it almost impossible to find this pretty doll at one of her parties or brunches.

2.      eHarmony also has a large user base, but for those seeking heterosexual relationships only.  This matchmaking site uses “guided communication” through 256 required questions covering "core traits" and "vital attributes" like relationship skills and values.  When contacting another member, eHarmony encourages members to follow their guided communication process.  I have a few girlfriends who have tried this service and decided that the price is too high for a site that doesn't permit members to browse through profiles, like Match does.  EHarmony will only match heterosexual couples, but following a lawsuit, has created the same-sex dating site CompatiblePartners.net.  I’m sure eHarmony is better for older singles who are looking for marriage must sooner than myself and my girls.

3.      OkCupid is a free site, which has grown in popularity recently.  A user can search for singles in their area, and contact them via messages, similarly to Match, but without the cost.  I’ve heard that the pool of guys isn’t the best, so you must search for the few sexy gems.  Maybe because signing up is free and easy, there are a few more losers to weed out of the mix?

4.      Plenty of Fish is another popular free dating site.  You are given 30 matches after creating your profile that they think you would “most likely date”.   Again, this cost-free approach leaves this site less exclusive as the pay-per-service platforms.

5.      How About We takes an interesting approach to the traditional dating sites of profiles and matchmaking.  On this site, after creating a brief profile (none of those intense eHarmony guided questions), you suggest a date (buy a bottle of wine and take a cooking class?  Ice skate in central park and drink hot chocolate?), then ask someone out who proposed a date you would like to go on, and finally enjoy one of your fun date ideas together.  Recently, friends have tried this site and think the approach is a great way to get to know someone based on their tastes and interests, not just by reading a long paragraph answer to a boring question about emotional traits they need in a partner.

Have you tried a dating website?  Tell me all about it! xo


  1. Given that I have tried Match, EHarmony, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish, AND craigslist and i am STILL single I am going to say taht I think i am the type of woman that is more charming and sexy in person than on a screen.
    And I will say taht as an outgoing lady myself the men on these online dating sites are so because they are too shy to approach a woman they see sipping that mimosa over brunch or dancing in a circle with her friends.
    But it is nice to have options i guess... especially for a free dinner.

  2. I agree with Mo Diva - if I was young again & single, of course! A lovely (free) dinner, flowers or a present every now & then can certainly lift our spirits!!

  3. I met my match on Match!!! We've been together for 7 months now. :-) It was a great experience! It's funny how similar we are and how awesome we work together.

    Lily got engaged to a man she met on match too!

    I think if you're comfortable with who you are and what you want, then online dating is a great way to go especially if your time is limited.


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