Monday, February 21, 2011

GUESS Flagship Store Opens

My middle school self would have just about died and gone to heaven when entering the Guess Flagship on 5th Avenue.  At the official opening party Thursday night, my adult self walked the shiny 13,000-square-foot space, enjoying an appropriately red cocktail (consisting of vodka and strawberry puree) while taking in the blocks of iconic red and '90s ad images plastering the space, and the loads of chain mesh spilling from the ceilings.
On the first floor, shoppers will find a woman's denim wall complete with dark wash skinnies and the comeback of the flare leg.  Shoes and handbags are displayed on this level, showcasing dangerously high stilettos and bags plastered with the Guess logo.  My sorority girl past on Staten Island would have needed those shoes and purses.  You’ll also find Guess jewelry and watches, including the European jewelry collection, at a slightly higher price tag.  I’m sure tourist shoppers who spend hours traipsing down Fifth Avenue, will eat up these timepieces.
On the escalator ride to the 2nd floor, you'll pass a LED screen featuring scenes from past runway shows or ad campaigns.  The upper level holds an additional women’s section (yes, there were denim button downs with white lace accents) and the menswear, men's denim wall, shoes, and accessories.  Rest your feet from a long day of shopping and lounge around on vintage plush leather couches and high-back chairs, surrounded by more dripping mesh, and over a rug stitched together with vintage jean patches.  During the party, we enjoyed red gummi bears and mini red velvet cupcakes, as we sipped our cocktails and took in the scene of magazine editors, PR girls, bloggers, and fashionistas discussing the store and the whirlwind of the past few days of New York Fashion Week.

Appropriately playing were 80’s and 90’s hits, including the first song I ever knew the lyrics to: "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off".   How perfectly nostalgic is that? xo

Photo credit: Henry Dziekan/WireImage

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