Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do You Lie About Your "Number"?

Recently, I wrote about whether or not you should tell your significant other your “number” or if the past is just the past (refresh your memory here).  If you are someone who has been known to share that information, is it always the truth?  For those who want to reveal their old flames and past indiscretions, it seems that men tend to overestimate their real “number”, while women underestimate.  With the known double standard, men lie to boost their ego or to look experienced, while women lie to look more like a lady (a.k.a. to seem less slutty).

If you've been enjoying the single life in the city, don't be ashamed if your "number" has been rising.  The NY Daily News compared the number of sexual partners the fictional women of Sex and the City had to the average woman living in NYC, and the stats might surprise you.  These oversexed characters hit the sheets with a combined total of 94 men and one woman.  Of the four women, Samantha racked up the most sexual partners.  She bedded 41 men and one woman, while Carrie hooked up with 18, Charlotte 18 and Miranda 17.  The average American woman has nine sex partners in her lifetime, according to a survey by Durex brand of condoms.  But, compared to the average female New Yorker, the ladies of the HBO hit were right on target.  Career focused city women are in no rush to settle down.   They are not financially dependent on men and enjoy the city nightlife.  With this lifestyle, marriage happens later in life for women in the Big Apple, than those in the burbs, leading to about 20 sex partners for the NYC girl-about-town. 

So, fess up, ladies and gents!  Have you ever lied about your “number”? xo


  1. fun and very interesting post! I've never lied about it, I don't see the need for partial truths. but I have been lied to by a dude for sure!

  2. No man has ever asked us our numbers, and if one did, the question would be dodged.
    Let's just say, we're above that 9 average...

  3. I definitely lied in the past... but funny thing about the lie- at some point or other you forget where you "omitted" and are left with a guesstimate.
    Im still in the single digits... but with the supply of ghastly single men in this city- it looks like its going to enter double digits soon.
    And seriously, whatever, its only because guys are full of shit and drama. lol

  4. I've definitely lied, but now, I just don't talk about it. If you ask, it's a super red flag.


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