Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Single Girl Bucket List

Before you settle down with The One, attempt to finish this Single Girl Bucket List:

1. Go to a movie alone.  (Order the large popcorn with tons of butter.  And a diet coke, of course)
2. Lift weights.  And don’t ask that sexy male trainer for help unless you really need it.
3. Try surfing, skiing, or some physical outdoor activity you don’t already know how to do.
4. Set a mousetrap, do your taxes, build an Ikea dresser, and backup your files.
5. Live alone, or at least move apartments in NYC without the help of family (mainly meaning without your dad’s strong arms, his truck, and his money).
6. Train for (and finish) a huge physical test like a half-marathon.
7. Learn to cook well.
8. Fly to a foreign country by yourself.
9. Fly to a foreign country and join the mile high club. Or at least chat with a sexy stranger on the plane.
10. Learn to stand up for yourself.
11. Go on a date with a sweet man, whom you’re not initially sexually attracted to.  Give him a chance!
12. Revel in being able to watch all the reality TV you want.  Hello, Real Housewives of NYC Marathon...
13. Get drunk during the day, just because you can.  Boozy Brunch?  A daytime bar crawl?
14. Let your married friends edit your online dating profile.
15. Go out with an older man who takes you somewhere nice and makes you feel like a million bucks.  And don’t go home with him just because he spent so much money on you.
16. Go out with a guy who makes you laugh ‘til it hurts.
17. Be a good wingwoman.  It’s not always about you.  (Even The Situation takes grenades for Pauly D)
18. Go out with a younger guy before judging his maturity solely on his age.  But, if he sleeps all day or isn’t reliable, end it before you get in too deep with his frat boy antics.
19. Volunteer.
20. Do at least one Valentine’s Day alone.  (Oh, I was supposed to do only ONE?)
21. Attend a wedding (or 15) alone.
22. Invest in a LBD (little black dress) and sexy platforms that are a little out of your usual price range.
23. Buy yourself some flowers.
24. Buy one of your best girlfriends flowers.  (Have them sent to her office to surprise her)
25. Sit at a bar by yourself and drink a dirty martini.
26. Get your finances in order.
27. Throw yourself into something time-consuming, like learning a foreign language.
28. Babysit for a frazzled new mom for a few hours to give her a break.
29. Help a friend through her divorce or a bad break-up.
30. Host a girls-only night. Some coupled-up women forget how much we need each other.

What’s on your Single Girl Bucket List? xo


  1. i have to say this is an amazing list. This list makes me proud to be a single lady. even more proud to say that I have done most of these thigns! awesome!

    For me, traveling will be high on my list. I have gone to visit other states alone to visit freinds but I might be going to Mexico for a wedding this year and I might get there early to go to the beach alone, go on a tour alone and maybe even have a sexy foreign moment.

    Def on my bucket list: sending my Bestie flowers. Cuz shes beautiful and amazing and just got burned by a dumb schmuck.

  2. I agree with #8. I went on a cruise alone a few years ago after a breakup and had the best time. Didn't quite complete #9 but did have a flirtation with the British musical director of the ship (he took me to lunch at one of the ports of call!)

    I'll just make #6 as I am training for my first half marathon now (I'll complete it 7 months prior to becoming a married lady).

  3. Oh darn it, I've missed out on a few of the items on your list! A bit late for me now!!

  4. this is a great list, some of which I actually accomplished!!


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