Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Safe Sex

No, this is not a PSA for the HPV vaccine or Planned Parenthood.  But, safe sex is an important issue that all dating city gals (and ladies all over the world) need to discuss with their new boyfriend (or one night stand).   Don’t be shy with a new guy to discuss if he’s sleeping with anyone else or the last time he got tested.  Using condoms to prevent disease is very important.  Once you know you’re exclusively sleeping together, you still want to be sure you both have a clean bill of health before discontinuing condom use.  If you’re on the pill, remember that you may not become pregnant, but you could contract an STD if you don’t make sure he is willing to wear a condom.  

Do you make safe sex a priority? xo


  1. This is such a scary subject for a mom! My niece is in college now, and my daughters are in their teens. I think that I would want to see a medical report before I dated anyone, if I were them! I recommend the book Predictably Irrational (I know I've recommended this before) by Dan Ariely. He did a study with college age men, asking them questions in a non-aroused state and in a very aroused state. The changes in their answers were really scary! (I can't remember why he chose men, but it wasn't to demonstrate that men somehow make worse decisions than women when aroused.) People think differently when aroused. So I suggest you get all this info in a calm, business-like setting. Good luck, single people. Stay healthy.

  2. Kind of an awkward comment to leave on this post (lol), but....

    I gave you an award today on my blog!!! Hugs!


  3. Yes, definitely a scary subject! Both involved parties need to communicate their concerns & be considerate of each other. I say the more young people are educated & made aware of the dangers, the better!


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