Friday, January 28, 2011

Out of Sight. Out of Mind.

When it’s time to get over Mr. Wrong, deleting him from communication mediums can be emotional.  The act of deleting seems permanent, but it can be empowering.  Once he is out of your cell phone, you will no longer risk sending an embarrassing late night drunk text.   If you think you may need to contact him again in the future (a potential pregnancy, perhaps?) just write his number down somewhere and leave it in your room.  If you are tempted to contact him when you’re checking your email, block him on your gchat.  No longer seeing his name taunting you on your chat list will only help you to stop thinking about him all day at work.  If he still wants to reach out to you, he can shoot you an email or pick up his phone and make the call.  But, since this is Mr. Wrong, he most likely won’t contact you, unless it is for his own selfish reasons.   If you’re like me and you don’t want him to think you are trying to get his attention by removing him from your online life, you do not need to “de-friend” him on Facebook.  Just remove his activity from your home feed, and use your willpower to stop looking at his page.  Of course at first you will still glance at who wrote on his wall or if he is in any new photos, but at least try to get into a routine where you don’t type his name in the search within minutes after logging in.   If you are both on Twitter, try your best to ignore his flirty tweets with other girls, and absolutely refrain from fighting with him for all of your followers to see, as described in my recent post.

So, are you ready to delete him from your life? xo


  1. oh the trials an tribulations of a modern day single gal. fun post Sarah.

  2. Just went through this myself and it felt great! I went all the way and defriended, but it didn't grab his attention and if it did, I was ready with my response that it had nothing to do with that and just the fact that since he proved that he doesn't deserve to be in my life, he's not going to be!


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