Friday, January 7, 2011


“Dump Him.  A bad kisser is a non-negotiable”.  With that quote, the ladies of Sex And The City clearly had their priorities.  Every woman has pet peeves or experiences downright bad behavior with certain men.  No one is perfect (Prince Charming is a cartoon.  And even Mr. Big left Carrie at the altar).  You must learn to accept certain faults or little bad habits to be with the one you love.  But, some things are non-negotiable: issues or situations that we are not willing to deal with.  Social drug habit?  Lives in his parents' basement?  No career goals?  Not affectionate?  Rude friends?  

What are your deal breakers? xo


  1. Is all hope lost if Prince Charming is a cartoon? Crap....I was hoping there was at least one out there for me...

    Non-negotiable = messy. messy. in a boy who can't put dishes in the dishwasher, clean up a little before you come over or hasn't changed the sheets in a month is NO BUENO!!!!!!! A little clutter here and there is fine, but a debauchery of shit all over the house and complete disorganization is just downright not acceptable.

  2. Yes, we must accept a few faults & bad habits, as we're not perfect, either. But, I DO agree, there are quite a few non-negotiables!!

  3. I feel like I'm always the girl who has the "non-negotiable" rules...probably because dating in the city is just so hard. But I'd say the biggest no-no for me is smoking, disrespect and lack of motivation. If you can take care of yourself and you're smart and have a good heart and sense of humor, the rest should fall into place...without pre-conceived standards. That instant "click" feeling with a guy at first is really the most important.

  4. deal breaker of the week: CLINGY! gah!

  5. I was thinking of all of the things I was picky about in college. Most times I would write them off before we even got past the first couple of drinks.
    I hated clingy guys or a guy that was the "girl" in the relationship by always calling even if we had just seen each other. Let me breathe!
    I hated college guys that were way too touchy if it was reciprocated. I also wrote off guys if they had doofus friends. How can we all expect to hang out together if your friends are idiots?
    And when I was thinking about "the one" a nonnegotiable would be whether or not he could "hang" with the family. They're such a huge part of my life and if my guy can't pull it together in front of them it's over!

    Good thing Tim meets all of these!


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