Monday, January 3, 2011

New Job Do's & Don'ts for the City Girl

After spending the past five years on the producing team of a television show, today I begin a new job (and possibly a whole new career) at NearSay.  I’m very excited for this opportunity and thought I’d share some Do’s and Dont’s for the first day of a new job with my lovely readers:


Arrive on time.  Make sure you have already mapped out your subway or bus route.

Wear flats (possibly these) and carry your heels in your bag.

Eat breakfast before you leave the house.  Fresh breath and clean teeth (no poppy seed bagels, please) are a must.

Be yourself.  And be friendly and courteous.  First impressions do count.

Listen and learn.

Ask questions.  Get it right the first time!

Dress smartly.  It’s better to be a little overdressed than to show up too casual.  This shouldn’t be too hard - you are a NYC fashionista, after all.

Volunteer for projects that will help you get noticed.  But, don’t neglect any assigned work.

Keep a positive attitude and an open mind.   Your life has changed and it will take some getting used to.


Forget your work day begins when you leave your apartment.  You never know who your coworkers may be, so no rude remarks or pushing in line on the F train.  (PS - my new boss lives in my building.  Seriously)

Make personal calls from the office phone.  (Duh)

Gchat, Facebook, Tweet, etc until you learn from your coworkers what is acceptable.  Obviously if you have a job in Social Media, you can ignore this one!

Say “That’s not how we did it at my old job”.  Hold on to your knowledge from previous companies, but don’t forget every workplace has its own way of doing things.

Expect to make it to happy hour with your girlfriends during the first week.  You may need to be put some long hours when you’re learning the position and responsibilities.

Get drunk at an office party.  Save that for a few months down the line.

Flirt with that sexy coworker.  Resist until you get to know him (and your company’s dating policy) better.

Wish me luck! xo


  1. Good luck Sarah!!! You will rock!!

  2. Good luck to ya lady! I got shitfaced at my welcome party when i challenged the irish man to a drinking contest... 2 hrs in i got sent home in a cab. lol. Im still here though so *whew*

  3. I can't wait to get a real job so I can use some of your do's & don'ts!


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