Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mr. Right Now

(Summer's "Mr. Right Now" in (500) Days of Summer)

You tell your girlfriends time and time again that the new guy you're seeing is just for fun.  He's attractive and the sex is great, but you already know he's not "the one".  He lacks maturity or he isn't affectionate or he just doesn't have his life together. Whatever the reason, you know he isn't boyfriend material.  So if you keep seeing him, will you eventually get attached?  Confuse the physical with the emotional?  Will you want more?  At first you may feel confident that you'd never want that with him.  But, will you start to care too much and get hurt because he can't give you what you need?  

When is it time to cut ties with Mr. Right Now? xo


  1. HMMM... good question to ponder.
    What about when you go on a date with one of the last nice guys left on the planet and hes so nice and so affectionate that you feel smothered?
    My mother says i need therapy.

  2. I have definitely confused the physical and emotional with a Mr. Right Now before, so with my current Mr. Right Now, I haven't gotten to the "sex is great" part. I enjoy knowing I'll be able to walk away when I need to without being attached. Yeah, I miss and want the sex but I'm focused on meeting Mr. Right and keeping my emotional health intact!

  3. I think you go for the ride, keeping in mind what you know to be true. Just have fun and go with the flow. I'm not saying things won't be confusing, but you gotta enjoy that. he'll fade away eventually, because well, hes not the one!!

    at least, thats what I did when i was single. ;)


  4. Ahhhh... I have a friend that is the queen of 'Mr. Right Nows'... she never plans on getting attached but always does in the end - best to cut ties early on... so many more out there!

  5. For me, its been so hard to separate the physical and emotional. I believe sex releases oxytocin, which binds you to that person, even though you might not want to feel that connection. Its happening with my ex bf and I right now. I know hes not for me..I end up having sex with him and all of a sudden, im questioning if i made the right choice or not breaking up with him.


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