Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mommy Matchmaker

My mother is a meddler.  Nosy, chatty, and overbearing.  She wants to feel like the “cool mom” (think Mrs. George in Mean Girls, but without the supply of condoms).  While she wants the scoop on the guys I date (and brings up being a grandmother "someday” a little too often than is comfortable) she has yet to play matchmaker (thank God).   But, there are other mothers out there who have taken it upon themselves to search for love for their children.  Date My Single Kid, a website where mothers (or aunts or grandmothers) create dating profiles for their adult children to find their future spouse, caught my attention during the summer on this Today Show Segment. 

How would you feel if your mother searched for your perfect match online? xo


  1. moms know best... but our taste in men is different. LIKE, WAAAY different. She likes the dorks/nerdy boys and i like the cool hipster boys.

  2. I can't believe my mom hasn't found that website yet...she must never know it exists!!!

  3. Our mom is nosy, chatty and overbearing, but I do think that if all that went away, our lives wouldn't be as entertaining.

  4. I love love love your mom! Although I haven't seen her in quite sometime, i remember her being a big hoot! :). And I cant imagine that anything has changed...

    -Amy from Fall River

    (I hope this didn't post like 57 times-my comp wasn't cooperating!

  5. Yes, Sam, I am fun ~ life without me would be soooo boring, so let me entertain you as the song goes, ha ha! So excited now that I know about "Date My Single Kid", lol.


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