Thursday, January 27, 2011

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

I remember my first gay crush.   I was performing in a summer stock production of “The Sound of Music” and he was my dance partner for the ball scene.  Handsome, talented, and charming, he made my little 14 yr old heart skip a beat.  I was blissfully and completely unaware of his sexual orientation.  I was clearly ignoring his overly sweet demeanor, impeccable fashion sense, amazing voice and skillful dance moves (which MAY have been clues of the possibility of his homosexuality) and instead, concentrated on his blue eyes and the way he made me laugh.  His name was Jake, and I was smitten.  After that summer, I attended the musical he starred in at his nearby high school and kept in touch via email.  I hoped and prayed we would be cast together the following summer at the same theatre company.  And sure enough, my wish came true.  During one of our long rehearsals, I overheard a few of the guys discussing Jake and his recent venture out of the closet.  I was crushed.  I couldn’t believe it.  Since those long lost summer nights, I have fallen for numerous gay men.  Whether we performed at a theatre, had a college course together, or worked at the soap opera, I couldn’t help myself.  I seem to be a magnet for homosexual men (who more often than not are so darn handsome).  Maybe it’s because we share the same love of musicals, fashion, and style?  (Such a stereotype, I know, I know)  Whatever the reason, I can’t help but adore these beautiful men. 

Have you ever fallen for a gay guy? Xo


  1. Oh man! I just saw an ad in the train station for a TV show of the same name! I think it's on Sundance. How appropriate--nice timing Sarah! :)

  2. I had the biggest crush on a gay guy in high school. He was also in musical theater. He was just so talented! People kept trying to tell me he was gay, but I wouldn't listen. I even left a lollipop on his car one day. He just liked a different kind of lollipop than mine...

  3. There is this beautiful guy that I worked with and when I say beautiful I mean BEAUTIFUL. In a very non-creepy way I totally pined for him. Tried to make sure we passed in the hallway, late nights working were on projects together. Sadly, it was very disappointing to find he was not interested in the female persuasion. It's all for the best. His boyfriend these days is gorgeous too. Love facebook stalking!


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