Thursday, January 13, 2011

Four Loko

Banned from college campuses months ago, and most recently pulled from all store shelves in the state of New York, Four Loko, the alcohol filled energy drink, is possibly in higher demand now, than when it was legally sold from your local bodega.  When New Yorkers first heard of the final selling date last month, many bought cans of this overly sweet beverage in abundance for future apartment parties and to “pre-game”, just like during their the good ‘ole college days in the Midwest.  But, some New Yorkers rushed to purchase Four Loko for a more scandalous plan - to later deal at high prices by the case.  Just like any drug, banning Four Loko made it more desirable.  Some New Yorkers have made the trek to the Dirty Jerz to get their hands on this crack-like drink.  And now, it has been reported that cans are available for purchase via Craigslist. 

NBC TV investigator Chris Glorioso, who has investigated many hard drug rings discovered an underground Four Loko Ring by responding to one of the Craigslist ads.  Apparently, twelve cans of Four Loko sell on Craigslist for $80.  When they were available in stores, Four Loko only cost $2-$3 per can.  Seriously, everyone?  Let’s find a new drug of choice.

Would you still search to buy Four Loko?


  1. Not my cup of tea, probably too much sugar in Four Loko. I prefer a nice wine or a flavorful vodka straight up!

  2. Here's a funny SNL skit regarding four loko...of course he's wearing an ohio state sweatshirt...ENJOY :)


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