Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do's and Dont's of Social Media Dating

Recently, I wrote about the idea of the New Online Dating with the use of Facebook and Twitter.  More people are connecting via social media, which can lead to new business partnerships, real life friendships, and even dating.   Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts to consider if you’re connecting with a cutie stranger online:


Use a recent photo of yourself.
Don’t display an Avatar on Twitter or a profile photo on Facebook from your “skinny days” as a sorority pledge or from that wedding when you paid $100 for professional makeup.  Look like yourself.

Respond to new followers or friends.
Don’t be afraid to reply and make conversation.  You’d make small talk with that sexy stranger sitting next to you on a plane, right?

Keep the dirty talk confined to DM’s (Direct Messages)
TMI people, TMI.

Use your resources.
If you met a handsome guy at your friend’s engagement party, add him on Facebook and continue that conversation you had sitting at the single’s table (you know your married friends totally have these assigned tables).

Take it offline.
Bring this relationship into the real world.  Meet in a public place and see where it can go IRL (in real life)


“Poke” her.
Seriously guys, it’s not flirty.  It’s annoying.    

“Friend” her too soon.
There are plenty of creepy dudes perusing Facebook pictures and sending friend requests to hot girls.  Guys, don’t be one of them.  If you send a friend request before you’ve had a conversation or introduction, she will be weirded out.  And if you met her when you were out one night, make sure she actually gave you her last name before you send a friend request.  A good rule of thumb: If you have her phone number, you can be her Facebook friend.

Fight on Twitter for all of your followers to see.
No one wants their Twitter timeline blown up with your silly lover’s quarrels. 

Post your Relationship Status.
Unless you’re stable, and committed (aka married), don’t post it.  If your relationship is hot and cold, or you break up and makeup every other week—don’t list your relationship status online! You’ll avoid all of the drama and humiliation of breaking up on the Internet.

Tweet your breakup. 
As hard as it is to resist ladies, try to keep from those tragic tweets and Facebook statuses.  If you MUST quote a sappy song lyric or movie quote, don’t attach your ex’s name to it.

What are your Do's and Don't of Social Media dating? xo

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  1. I love all the TMI ones. Too many people post stuff to Facebook that should be personal messages directly to the person they're talking to (or a phone call?).

  2. Love this post! The relationship changes and complications drive me nuts!! But I do hate when you can't tell if the new shady cutie that friended you is actually in a relationship because he doesn't have a status. Alas, he could be just as shady with or without facebook!

    Also someone should tell these guys that when they "like" a slutty picture in the first or second album of our college days... we know they looked through all 1,232 pictures!

  3. I love your "Do: Use Your Resources"!

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