Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do You Detox?

It’s the beginning of a brand new year!  Goodbye to last year’s disappointments, failures, and struggles.  Hello to this year’s accomplishments, loves, and hopes!  With this fresh start, many city girls start a detox to get their body feeling as healthy as their mind and spirit.  But, is this type of cleanse always good for you?  From The Master Cleanse of lemons and maple syrup, rumored to be used by Beyonce, to the less extreme juice based Blue Print Cleanse featured on The Today Show, there are many fads out there.  These extreme liquid diets usually result in quick weight loss, although most people will gain the weight back once they resume normal eating habits.  I’ve personally found that the healthiest and easiest way to detox after weeks of binge drinking and fatty Holiday meals is to follow an eating plan of unprocessed and natural foods. 

Full up on:

Vegtables (unlimted greens, 1-2 starch, such as a sweet potato per day)
Fruits (2 per day)
Lean proteins (fish, chicken, turkey, fat free greek yogurt)
Healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, eggs)
Old world grains (such as quinoa)
Beans and legumes (chickpeas/hummus, black beans, etc)


Alcohol (sorry nightlife divas)
Caffeine (coffee adicts will survive!)
Processed sugars (no candy, white breads, white pastas and rices, etc)
High fat dairy (cheese is so hard to say goodbye to, if even only for a few weeks)
Red meats (you can wait a couple weeks for that cheeseburger)

Hot water with fresh lemon is a great way to start each morning, followed by a few cups of tea throughout the day.  And don’t forget to hydrate with lots of water!  After even just 2 weeks of following this plan, you’ll most likely stop craving sugary sweets as often, have more energy, notice less bloating. and feel lighter (possibly actually losing a few lbs per week).  This type of plan won’t restrict you too much, so you can eat REAL food, while getting your system back on track. 

Do you detox? xo


  1. I agree, I do the same. Stick to natural foods, avoid the junk food, lotsa water and you should be good to go by Friday Night!lol

  2. I went shopping at Trader Joes the other day. With this natural food resolution I also get to learn how to cook. I gave up coffee because it just wasn't making me feel better anymore. Cutting coffee off was so hard but it has really helped out with my skin and energy level. I thought I needed coffee to survive, I've been drinking it since I was 7 years old but I replaced it with water and green tea ( not sweetened). You are what you eat :)


    Danielle of always choose paris

  3. I do a cleanse every few months...sometimes just for a week. I do feel better at the end and usually drop a few pounds so, for me, it's a great kick-start to a diet. It can be hard to not eat carbs for a week (syrian bread!!) but, it's just a week!

  4. Hey guys, I found a great way to detox and pamper myself at the same time! The 7 Day Body Cleanse from Arbonne is a great way to start a healthy lifestyle and Arbonne's other products are a great way to follow up. Their products are all natural and truly amazing. You can check them out at:

  5. Your cleanse diet sounds like my diet since March, but I eat red meat because I'm frequently very close to anemia. This is not necessarily a problem for everyone but there have been a number of times I couldn't donate blood because of it.

    I do think that processed carbs is one of the worst things we can eat. From the LA Times:

    And this might interest you. There was a recent study that showed that regardless of diet, people who exercise before eating in the morning gain less weight and show less insulin resistance than people who do the same exercise after breakfast. Bad news for me, because in the winter I like to exercise later in the day. From the NYTimes Wellness blog about the study:

  6. I suck at things like this. food is just too good. lol.
    I am making an attempt to be more mindful of what i put in my mouth (WHOA!) BUT ALL out dieting is not my thing.

  7. SMARTIN you do a cleanse for a WEEK? That is true determination :) I did a modified version of the BluePrint Cleanse with juices from non other than our local Liquiteria. I lasted 3 days, dropped 6 lbs. and gained 5 back within a week of fairly healthy eating.

  8. I usually hate this sort of thing, but January is the best time to do it, I'm all party-ed out, and this isn't a very sociable plan! For me it's not so much about weight loss but a retuning of the tastebuds and to see my skin glow again. I'll use some of your ideas!


  9. A-Tooch good one. You're right..a week isn't much but, like I said, it's just a kick start.

    I don't do a juice cleanse or anything extreme like that. In fact, the plan I follow is pretty similar to the one Sarah describes....lots of fruits and veggies and some lean proteins. No processed foods, added salt or sugar, carbs or alcohol. And only 10oz of coffee per day...that's the hardest part for me!

    It's not realistic to think that I could eat this way every day for the rest of my life...I love food too much. But, for a week or so every few months it works for me.

  10. I have to get going on my "After The Holidays Cleanse/Detox" too. I try to do it for 5-7 days w/no artificial sweeteners, coffee (the hardest part), red meat, soda, alcohol, processed foods. I load up on decaf/herbal teas, lots of raw or lightly steamed veggies, soup broth & if desperate after the 4th day, I steam white fish or chicken (4 oz just 1x/day). Also, I have a small amount of olive oil (1st cold press) daily. The only bean I have during detox is the adzuki bean because it cleanses the liver. I also have a serving of quinoa or organic brown basmati rice just once a day after day 3. Now I just have to psych myself up for it!


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