Monday, December 13, 2010

Tweet This.

How can anyone date (or even survive) in NYC without being socially connected…or at least own current technology? 

I spent a few months this past spring dating a handsome FDNY firefighter.   A born and bred boy from Yonkers, he came from a close family and loved his job.  I mean he really loved his job.  He spent most of his time with his grown-up fraternity: fighting fires, cooking at the firehouse, playing softball on Randall's Island, and drinking beer.  Those guys loved beer. 

Anyway, he communicated via text - with middle school-style abbreviations and never with a full sentence.  Friends would say, “Well, all guys in the city do that.”  But here’s the difference: that was his ONLY means of reaching me.  He planned all of our dinner dates this way.  He only dialed to let me know if he was running late (ONCE).  His flip phone was without email or browser capabilities.  As my good friend Belinda said, “Why would he need a Blackberry?  Is the firehouse going to email him with an emergency about a cat stuck in a tree on 105th and Lex?”  I guess she was right - he didn’t need a Smartphone.   

But, why didn’t he have a Facebook account?  How was I going to stalk pictures of his ex-girlfriends or read his plans on his wall?   His MySpace account was active, but no one had written to him since 2008.  I felt embarrassed to have to log in to accept his friendship.  Searching for new bands, was his reason for logging in daily.  He still uses his AOL email address.  Explaining Gmail to him was useless.  Why would he need to gchat, if he can use his AIM?  I hadn’t signed in to see my buddy list since my days in the dorm.   And Twitter?  I didn't even bother questioning his knowledge on that.  But, hey, at least I can be confident that this post won’t embarrass him - he will never read my blog.

Have any of you ladies encountered city guys with technical difficulties? xo


  1. HAHAHA I LOVE this post!!

    I will say the current guy I am dating hates talking on the phone and alwayss and only texts! Although I am thankful he does write full sentences and uses punctuation. I believe I have only talked to him on the phone 3 times in the last 3 months. To top it off he doesnt have facebook, myspace or anything that would allow me to stalk his past life. So I find myself at a loss and have to find out for myself.

  2. You mean there is someone less tech-savvy than me? I love the article!!

  3. my ex was HORRIBLE at communicating via blackberry. it took him forever to read his messages and when he did it took him forever to reply -_- kind of a deal breaker for me bc i rely on my blackberry heavily! lol


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