Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Single Girl's New Year's Resolutions

1. Lose 10lbs (at least).

2. Stop drunk texting the ex.

3. Take more yoga classes to de-stress and relax.

4. End it with Mr. Right Now before getting attached.

5. Call your parents more often.

6. Get back in touch with old friends (the ones who stood buy you in middle school, danced with you at prom, and knew you before your big city girl days).

7. Spend less time on Facebook and Twitter.  And more time face to face with your bffs.

8. Take time to do things that make YOU happy.  It's okay to be "selfish" from time to time.

9. Volunteer for a cause you truly care about.

10. Follow your own advice.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? xo


  1. wow Sarah, a lot of these work for me too! Think I need to attempt at least half! Happy New Year!

  2. yoga is definitely on my high priority list for 2011 too! I am also going to attempt to pull a julie and julia and learn how to cook, my poor boyfriend will be the guinea pig. I love how you ended the list off with "follow your own advice", subtle but you just listed off some great and powering resolutions that ending it by telling yourself you will listen to you for a change is nice. Good luck gorgeous! I know you'll kick your resolution list's ass. PS Once # 2 is accomplished I think the rest will be a piece of cake :)

    danielle of alwayschooseparis

  3. love this. seriously wish we lived in the same city so we could be single girls together :) xo and happy new year to you, lady! [chels]

  4. Love ur list!! Might add some of these to mine. I'm still working on mine. I have a few more hours left....

  5. My resolutions include but are not limited to:
    Necking with Michael Phelps(okay this one is a joke)
    (1)Limiting my sexcapades or at least recycling oldies but goodies! (2) singing more (3) saving money (4) getting healthy (eating better, drinking much less, gyming much more) (4) writing some of the hilarious stuff I say down or asking SMS to write it for me (5) and obvi being naked more!


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