Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Single Girl's Holiday Wishlist

1. To meet a handsome stranger under the mistletoe. (Preferably not at your company's Holiday party)

2. A close group of girlfriends whom you can rely on for late night phone calls, brunch dates, shopping excursions, and to remind you that you are a beautiful woman, worthy of true love.

3. Black Louboutin’s for date nights with Mr. Right (hell, you'll wear those babies with Mr. Right Now or even Mr. One Night Only)

4. The Complete Series Collector’s Box Set of Sex and The City DVDs

5. McDonalds delivery (for when only fries will cure your PMS)

6. A job that you love, but won't be married to (in the hopes that one day you can still be a career woman, but have time to marry Mr. Right and have perfect children)

7. To be treated to a romantic dinner date and not be expected to spend the night.

8. A loving family who will let you move back in once you kick out your ex from your pricey Soho one bedroom that you can’t afford on your own.

9. A sexy personal trainer to get your booty in shape, while enjoying the eye candy.

10. Platonic guy friends who you can enjoy wings and beer with, take to events when you're "inbetween boyfriends", carry heavy boxes when you move into a 5th floor walk-up, fix your laptop when it freezes, and are willing to set you up on dates with their buddies.

11. Gift certificate for a year’s worth of manicures and pedicures.

12. A reliable, dependable, respectful man who will call you back every time.

What made your single girl wish list? xo


  1. Girl, I couldn't have drafted a better wish list myself. Nice job and it makes me want you to be a guest blogger on my site soon! You in?

  2. I adore this post darling - what a great list!

  3. I cant think of anything you havent alraedy thought of...
    maybe to hit the lotto so i can have unlimited shoes and purses. that would be nice

  4. Yes this list hits all the rights spots ..... except, well, mind blowing sex wouldn't hurt would it???????

  5. OMG "ThatswhatSHLEYsaid" ???? That is the most ingenious name!!!! I LOVE it! And this post, because everything on here I want! Love that I can catch up with my Sarah on her fab blog :) xoxo

  6. I LOVE this post, your BEST one yet! Aaahhh....#9 & #12 are wonderful.


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