Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sex Toy Party

A girls’ night in with your best girlfriends is a guaranteed fun time – with endless bottles of wine, too many cheesy appetizers, stories of bad dates, and lots of catching up.  Add sex toys for sale into the mix and the night is one to remember!  

Shley, one of my best college (and now “adult life”) friends threw a sex toy party with a consultant from Passion Parties, on Saturday night at her apartment in Astoria.  Almost twenty girls spent the evening getting tipsy, and enjoying themed snacks, while learning about the newest massage oils, vibrators, and other sex goodies too R Rated for my blog.

These parties are fun whether you’re hosting in a spacious home in the burbs or squeezing friends into your city apartment (forcing a few to sit on the floor beside the table filled with lubes and toy cleaner).  When hosting a Sex Toy Party, make sure to invite both your loud and sexually open friends, along with a few shy or seemingly prudish ladies – they WILL surprise you.  Make sure to have tons of alcohol on hand and a few snacks.  Don’t stress when planning, as the toys and your best gals’ stories and jokes will make the night a success.

Have you been to a sex toy party? xo


  1. yes i have.... when is the next one... i will be there

  2. Never had those in my day...or at least I didn't know about them, lol. Sounds like I missed a real good time!!

  3. I had one of these at my apartment senior year! SO fun and SO many memories. Sounds like you had a great time. :) xx

  4. I will be planning one of these for my next girlfriend who gets engaged!


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