Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Review: Diablo Royale Este

A Margarita mixed with sparkling wine – dangerous or delicious?  You will find this cocktail (The Luci) to be both, at Diablo Royale Este

During brunch stop in to enjoy a Mexican inspired menu filled with solid dishes, such as a Breakfast Quesadilla (eggs, pepper bacon, cheese, roasted peppers, roasted tomato-cascabel salsa) or Chilaquiles (tomatillo and tortilla chip casserole with eggs over easy, cheese and your choice of chicken, carnitas, or vegetables).  Ask your server about adding alcohol to your early afternoon for $22.

When looking for debauchery, stop by late night to mingle with cuties, sip strong tequila cocktails, such as the house specialty Diablo Ricky (3/4 lager beer with ½ frozen margarita), and prepare for tomorrow’s hangover with heavy snacks, like Bocaditos De Papa (potato and cheese croquettes with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce) or an order of Guacamole and chips. 

Where is your favorite Mexican restaurant and cocktail lounge? Xo

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  1. you're killin me smalls.
    I think dining downtown divas could set a maiden post at this yummy place... or head a little further north for deliciousness and what not.
    I am thinking after the holidays since i just realized Christmas is in two weeks EEEEP

  2. Wow, that sounds awesome. An alternative, a favorite of mine, is the Sangrita at Agave. House sangria poured over their famous frozen margs. I may be biased (my aunt & uncle are partners in the resto) but Agave can't be beat for scrumptious, southwestern, comfort food and highly flammable cocktails ;)

  3. The marg with the champagne was DELICIOUS!!! I could have about 10 of them...minus the headache the next day.

  4. YUM! Such a fabulous idea... two of my favorite things... margis and bubbles!


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