Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is it Love (Or Just Sex)?

Did you sleep together because you love him? Or do you love him because you slept together?

These questions are common at the beginning of a relationship.  As women tend to become emotionally attached once they have sex with their new guy, you can’t help but wonder if she’s fallen for him or if she just thinks she has because of the chemicals released after the act.  The intimacy of the kissing, cuddling, and all that goes along with sex can cause confusion over your true feelings. 

Are you the type who waits to have sex with a new partner, until you know how you truly feel?  Or do you just live in the moment and then let the relationship develop along the way? xo


  1. in the past...i did not wait *gasp*. BUT now in my old age i am trying a NEW approach to WAIT until i decide i LIKE the guy ALOT before we hit the sheets.
    So i can turn the LIKE into LOVE safely. becuase like Meredeith Grey said "Your heart is in your vagina"
    truer words have never been said on a nighttime drama series.

  2. _Predictably Irrational_ by David Ariely has a fascinating section on the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde nature of the male personality (and probably female as well, but he only studied males) when not aroused (Dr. Jekyll) and when sexually aroused (Mr. Hyde). What men say they won't do in a "cold" state (drug a girl, have unprotected sex, find animals sexually appealing) becomes acceptable in a "hot" state. Definitely worth reading for those of you who are considering getting a relative stranger into a "hot" state.

  3. Oops, my apologies, make that Dan Ariely. I don't know why I want to change that poor man's first name, but I make that mistake all the time!

  4. Monique - I'm a sucker for tv love quotes.

    Maggie - so insightful and I'm sure accurate!

  5. For some reason, your post reminds me of this joke...

    A chicken and an egg lie together in bed. The chicken smokes a cigarette and smiles with satisfaction. The egg frowns and mutters, "Well, I guess we answered that question!"


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