Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hangover Dining.

It’s Sunday morning.  You’re head is pounding no matter how much Advil you take.  You even remembered to drink a few glasses of water at the bar, but the hangover still won.  You can’t decide if you need to throw up or force greasy food in your mouth.   If you choose the second option, here is a list of the best hangover remedies in the East Village.

For a solid diner breakfast, head to Veselka.  The egg dishes are always great, and their corned beef hash or plump sausages add just the right amount of heaviness to settle your stomach.   The pancakes are fluffy, flavorful, and giant for when you’re in need of a sweet dish.  With their Ukrainian traditions, you can satisfy your eclectic alcohol induced cravings by adding fried perogies or borscht to your meal.

When you need a thick meaty sandwich in your recovery, This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef has just what you’re looking for.  Order “This Way” for roast beef on a roll with au jus and cheese wiz.  If you’re starving, order “That Way” for roast beef on an Italian bread hero with gravy and fresh mozzarella cheese.  These sandwiches will fill up any little piggy out there!

If all you’re craving are hot and salty fries, throw on your sunglasses and wait in the long line at Pommes Frites.  With so many toppings to choose from, like pesto mayo and curry ketchup, everyone can find a favorite to dip their Belgian fries in.

Will a hot dog make you feel better? Crif Dogs offers a variety of hot dogs, along with tater tots and cheese fries.  The Philly Tubesteak (their dog with cheese and sautéed onions) and the Good Morning (their dog wrapped in bacon, smothered in cheese, and topped with a fried egg) will coat your stomach and make you forget all about last night’s vodka sodas.

Are you looking for a burger? Westville East usually has a long wait at brunch, but it’s worth it for their cheese burger on a Portuguese muffin, which is both savory and sweet.  Add a side of their crispy sweet potato fries for the perfect combination.

For Vegans and Vegetarians, make sure to go to Curly’s Vegetarian Lunch for their organic kamut and flax cakes with soy margarine, fruit and syrup and a side of tofu bacon, or for their scrambled tofu with curly fries.   Both meals are delicious and you won’t miss the animal ingredients. 

Where do you go for the best in hangover dining? xo


  1. seriously! you said it all. When im hungover, and I dont wanna barf I have a big juicy burger. Though these days, in my old age (lol) i am learning my owns tricks to avoiding that horrible feeling in the AM.
    1. have a meal that is high in protein before drinking. (mom always said bread but the protein is more absorbant) Hooray for an excuse to eat a skirt steak!
    2. Have the water BEFORE i drink...becuase I know that I wont want water while im drinking.
    3. When im stumbling home... if i can remember I drink several glasses of water before bed.
    4. leave the advil by the nightstand so its ready for when you first wake up.
    5. BRUNCH. Make it a steak! LOL

    1. Dont drink
    But really, whats the point of life if you cant drink.

  2. Curly's has the BEST kamut pancakes!!


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