Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Between Boyfriends

Do you have a book that you can’t help but re-read over and over again for advice, laughter, and mostly to remind yourself that you’re not destined to be a crazy cat lady living in a messy one bedroom downtown?  The Between Boyfriends Book has served as one of those books that my girlfriends have been talking about since college and I have finally read.  I know I will be referencing this dating-guide-of-sorts many more times as I date around Manhattan (and occasionally the outer boroughs).   

The author, Cindy Chupack, was an Executive Producer/writer and Golden Globe and Emmy winner on the beloved Sex and The City.  With her resume, you just know you’ll enjoy this book even before you open the cover.  Once you start reading, you’ll be hooked.  And you’ll probably finish it over the course of a few long subway commutes (or one annoying day at jury duty).  But, be forewarned, you WILL laugh out loud, which results in looks from that homeless man on the L train (or the lady running the jury duty waiting room).  This New York Times bestseller takes a hilarious look on dating, love, and being single in the city.

Some of my favorite essay topics covered are “sexual sorbet” (the first man you sleep with after a break up) and “lone rangered” (to have a relationship end in a mysterious and annoying way – with no goodbye, no answers, just the vague feeling that you have no idea who that man was).  I saw myself or my girlfriends in almost every situation.  Cindy’s writing makes you feel like she is one of your BFF’s, telling her tales in person over glasses of chardonnay.   Some of her stories are written for single ladies who have long finished their twenty-something dating days, such as “eggsistential crisis” (a panic attack common among women in their late thirties).   She even has a gay ex-husband, who is now one of her best friends.  She has truly dated every type of man out there.  No matter the topic, each and every chapter will make you smile and feel better about your past loves and mistakes.

Cindy considers her years of dating as “research”, which is exactly how I’d like to think of my years, months, weeks, (and sometimes nights) of dating so many Mr. Wrongs in NYC.  She prefers to say she is “between boyfriends” rather than “single”.  I can’t help but find that phrase appropriate for describing the time period when ladies are going on dates, and kissing a few of the wrong frogs, before one turns into a prince.

PS - If Cindy could hire me as her assistant, it would make my little dating blogger dream come true ;)

What is your favorite dating book? xo


  1. "The Rules" = The Bible. Even though I'm so against gender roles, by focusing on the undertones of this book the real message is to be strong and independent, and not waste time with d-bags and dead enders. It also has great advice about how to handle arguments and "bad boy behavior" that doesn't end up with you crying, but rather looking composed and correct. (Hint: check your emotions at the door before a fight and handle it like yelling, accusing, crying) Parts might be so corny, but overall the advice is really sound.

  2. this sounds like an awesome book! i could use a good laugh with regard to my love life...or lack there of!
    I am reading this as i am on the phone with a sprint rep to complain about my shitty phone service. womp womp

  3. Sold! Going to pick this book up this week... I have been in need of a fun read :-)

  4. I need to read "The Rules" - Thanks Michele!

    Yes, ladies go out and get this book for a good laugh and a fun, easy read :)

  5. I can't wait to read it, it sounds like an awesome book!!

  6. How have I never heard of this book!? Where have I been? Need to read it. And I love how she calls being single "between boyfriends"... perfect :) [chels]

  7. Oh! And my favorite relationship/dating book.. Act Like a Lady, Think like a Man, by Steve Harvey. Really great to get a funny guy's perspective, some common sense facts, and a few good laughs :) [chels, again!]

  8. Also love Its Called a Breakup Because Its Broken by Gary Behrendt and Amiira Ruotola-Behrendt... Greatfor helping get over mr wrong si you can be better prepared for mr right! Xoxo -ris

  9. I may have read this book three possibly four times. This is laugh out loud and wonder how this chick got into your head kinda writing :)


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