Tuesday, November 9, 2010

One Night Stand Bars

Let’s be honest.  In the city (and I’m sure in many other cities filled with beautiful, successful, and social twenty and thirty-somethings) there are bars where you just know you’ll meet a stranger to take home.  And never speak to again.  These bars are always packed with girls who took a few too many shots and guys rocking beer goggles.  Here are a few notorious spots to shamelessly get some with Mr. or Ms. Right Now.

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If you’re imbibing Uptown and are looking for a good-old fashioned, no-strings-attached one night stand, make sure to stop by Dorrian’s Red Hand for a (sloppy) little lady or a preppy ex-frat boy.  I don’t know whether it’s the bright pink Lily Pulitzer on the gals or the stench of Burberry cologne, but something about Dorrian’s makes these tipsy post-undergrads want to get down and dirty for the night.

Joshua Tree, a Murray Hill frat-tastic bar, is squirming with drunk guys scrambling around 3:30am for the perfect lady to take home for an evening of chivalry.

When in Soho, skinny model hopefuls are easily whisked away by young financial analysts and Euro (trash) princes at Southside.  The guys order bottles with dreams of getting the fake socialiates into their beds once the DJ stops spinning.  Down the street at The Anchor, you will notice this spot is crowded, sweaty, and boozy – the perfect mix for getting too close with a nameless guy or girl.

In the East Village, there are so many bars on each block, it’s tough to pick just a few to mention for a night of sloppy sex.  No Malice Palace is a dirty dive bar with a post 12am line packed with the under 30 set, planning to relive their college mistakes in someone else’s bedroom.  At Penny Farthing, the music is usually pretty great, so the crowd is dancing a little too close to become just friends by 4am.  There’s a line outside this bar a little early on in the night filled with NYU kids with fake ID’s and neighborhood mid-twenties, who will surely move on to another bar once they are feeling too old for the 19 year old antics of spilled drinks and glazed over eyes (unless that’s your way to get an underage girl into your apartment).  Another bar boasting a solid DJ and your best bud's sloshed little sister is Arlo & Esme.  All of the dancing, drinking, and dark corners will surely lead to a few hours of sloppy touching.

What bars do you think lead to one night stands? xo


  1. Sar, you must be a great writer because you know nothing about one-night stands!

  2. It is very well written & quite an interesting read!

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  4. Oh, never mind...I didn't realize this was an older article. Carry on...


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