Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hello, 26.

I have enjoyed celebrating my birthday for the past four years in Manhattan.  As a downtown girl-about-town, planning parties has become something I am quite good at. 

This year’s celebration was extra special because it was a triple birthday party with my two best city girlfriends.  Caitlin made the invitations and flew up from South Carolina, where she has been living with her boyfriend, after moving out of NYC this summer.  Renie and I hosted her visit and booked the bar.  The party was held at Sweet & Vicious.  With many different groups of friends in attendance, we drank, laughed, and danced the night away!

So, just how do I pick the perfect party venues?  I first take into consideration the atmosphere desired for my guests.  Do most people want to dance? Or just relax at a dive bar? I also must consider the size of the party (30+ guests: including my sorority sisters, coworkers, and city friends or an intimate gathering?)  The season is also a factor (is it warm enough for an outdoor patio or rooftop?)  With all of the bars I have been to and enjoyed, I tend to have too many to chose from!

I also like to mix it up with out of the ordinary venues, such as my 25th birthday at Superdivewhere we ordered a $600 keg of Allagash White (so delicious), played college style rounds of drinking games at our table, and of course accomplished a few keg stands.

Previous parties have been at R Bar (yes, we had a stripper pole), Fat Baby (where I may or may not have fallen asleep on our table), and Absolutely 4th (two-for-one flavored martini’s were dangerous).

(My 24th with some of my sorority sisters)

(My 23rd with my best gals and sister)

(My 22nd with some of my sorority sisters)

Where did you celebrate your birthday this year? xo


  1. Where didn't I celebrate this last birthday?!?! San Juan, Providence, and good ole Somerset to name just a few spots. Birthdays are great, but especially when you get to spend them with people who are close to you!

    Enjoy your special day, Sarah!

  2. Sweet! Sounds like a fun party. :D

  3. we had too much fun!!! happy birthday my darling!

  4. Ooooh Sarah and Sami!! I miss you girls! Hope all is well :) and happy birthday Sarah!! Oh - and you both look FABULOUS in your party hear :)

  5. Happy Birthday Sarah! Wish I was there in NYC to celebrate with you!!

  6. Happy belated birthday Sarah!!!!! I'm sure it was an amazing night!

  7. My birthday party this year was at Glass House Tavern
    It's centrally located in midtown and I basically just sent out a blanket invite to all friends saying "this is where I'll be drinking, come by if you can". There were people stopping in all night, it was great!

    Btw, I loved Absolutely 4th. I had my party there the year after you did and I'm sad it's closed!


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