Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in NYC

There is always so much going on during the weekend of Halloween all around the city.  From the wacky parade in the West Village to parties thrown at bars, there is something for everyone.

Back in my college days, it seemed that every girl used this holiday to dress as slutty as possible.  During my senior year, a group of my sisters and I dressed as firemen.  In true sorority girl style, we got matching suspenders and hats, jean skirts, and skanky boots.  But, the kicker was our classy tank tops, which read “We Put Out” on the front and “Fires” on the back.  And yes, they were made with puffy paint, markers, and glitter. 

For the past three years, I have thrown a Halloween (and my friend Belinda’s Birthday) Party in the city.  From my roof top to bars in the LES, we have had some crazy nights.  From dressing up as Betty Boop, to group themes of Peter Pan and GLEE!, planning and shopping for costumes are half the fun.

Where do you celebrate Halloween? xo


  1. Love the costumes, especially Glee & The Firefighters, so hilarious!

  2. Oh, such amazing, good times! xoox


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