Friday, October 15, 2010

Speed Dating (on the F train)

Do you welcome a “hello” from a handsome stranger on your commute?  I’ve never personally been approached by a quality guy during my underground travels (I tend to get winks or questions from foreigners or thug-types), but I have a sorority sister who met the man of her dreams while riding the Path one night back to her Hoboken apartment.  Of course the beautiful Meghan and Tristan’s chance meeting is pretty adorable – I will leave the details out as to not embarrass them, but basically once he approached her and they chatted, he walked her home, even though he had to get back on the Path to his apartment in Jersey City, and the rest was history.  This perfect couple has been together for a few years now – going on lovely dinner dates, seeing cool concerts, training together for triathlons and marathons (yes, they are both athletic and have super fit bodies), traveling to family functions, throwing brunch parties, and attending a million weddings together.  Meghan and I have been good friends for years and Tristan easily fell into our friend group.  He puts up with all of our reminiscing of frat parties and pledging, while willingly entertaining new guys that I’m dating (even those who aren’t as cool as Tristan).  They are one of my favorite NYC couples.  Moral of the story?  True love can be found when you are least expecting it…possibly on the F train.

Have you ever dated a guy you met on public transportation? xo 

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  1. Such a wonderful story! It reminds me of that TV commercial where this handsome guy sees a beautiful lady & decides to forego his train & hops on the one she is on! So romantic!!


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