Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Royale Treatment.

On Monday night, the talented Marisa met me at Royale for an indulgent night of burgers and fries.   I’ve heard rave reviews, but had yet to venture the few blocks up Avenue C to check it out.  We braved the rain on that gloomy evening and arrived at the cozy bar.  We sat in the heated outdoor patio out back.  The friendly waitress took our order (We of course had to have cheese, because what is a burger without cheese?) then she quickly headed to the small kitchen.  Gossiping and laughing with an old friend is even better when done with comfort food.  Our burgers arrived hot and juicy.  They were flavorful and huge.  Marisa may be a dancer and actress, but this active lady loves a good cheeseburger with fries covered in salt.  Once we were stuffed, but happy, the waitress informed us that it was halftime (ummm halftime to what?  Oh, it’s Monday Night Football. Oops.) and they offer everyone free wings.  FREE and WINGS are two of my all-time favorite words…but together?  This was heaven.  Even though we were full, we each had three delicious hot wings while we continued to catch up.       Royale.  157 Avenue C. 

Where is your favorite spot for a burger? Xo


  1. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! I'm THRILLED to follow you, sweetie! A blog about NEW YORK (a very city sigh!). So happy to find your lovely blog and thanks again for following Ooh La Frou Frou. xo

  2. Yum....I wonder if they offer turkey burgers?

    Great pix of Marisa, she looks so happy with her FREE chicken wings! She'll need all the energy from that hearty food to work all those hours, putting make-up on the next bride-to-be & all the ladies in the wedding party!!


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