Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Review: MacBar

Since the days of anxiously waiting for Mom to cook up that creamy treat from the blue box, to microwaving noodles late night in your dorm room, you have grown up craving macaroni and cheese.   As a sophisticated lady in the big city, I still can’t help but need my fill of this comfort food from time to time.   Delicatessen opened up the long-awaited MacBar last year, serving up Chef Michael Ferraro’s gourmet mac n’ cheese in a dozen varieties ranging from Mac Quack (duck confit, fontina, carmelized onions, and fine herbs) to Carbonara (pancetta, green peas and parmigiano).  My absolute favorite is the Mac Lobsta’ (tender chunks of fresh lobster, cognac, tarragon, and mascarpone).  No matter which cheesy treat you indulge in, you will be more than satisfied.  There are only a few small tables in this casual dining space, so snag one quickly to enjoy your mac n’ cheese while it’s piping hot.   
MacBar. 54 Prince St.

What is your favorite childhood comfort food? xo

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  1. oh wow how delish! i wish i had a macbar near me

    stop by sometime<3

  2. Sorry, i JUST saw your comment on my post about Boardwalk Empire. I'm SO jealous that you were able to attend that event! That must have been really good.

    And that's really cool that you were a producer for 5 years. No matter what kind of television, I think that would be amazing :)

  3. Mac and cheese was DEFINITELY a favorite!! It's still a favorite :) That picture kinda makes my mouth water, lol.

  4. Surprisingly enough, I LOVE MacBar's regular old plain Mac & Cheese....it is a classic! The combined cheeses are so creamy. To me, mac & cheese doesn't have to have fancy ingredients because it really is the cheese, butter & the pasta that makes it so tasty! I would like to see MacBar make a mac 'n' cheese with whole grain pasta, though!

  5. holy hell i need to try this. i have been FEENING for lobster mac and cheese!!

  6. FRENCH TOAST is my comfort food! Yummmmmmmmmmm


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